By Rivka Perlman

January 18, 2012

Video – The Girl Effect



 It all begins with a girl. 

A girl helps her mother fold napkins. Her mother observes – “you have a knack for this!”

The girl folds more napkins with a little spring in her step.

The mother observes “your napkins look exceptional.

The girl volunteers to help set up for a bris – folding napkins.

The girl gets called by the next bris to volunteer

The girl makes a new set of friends as she starts volunteering with the same people

The girl realizes the joy of giving and starts seeing  opportunities all around

The girl hears about the needs of the elderly

The girl starts a summer program to visit the elderly who are isolated

The girl visits the lady who is bed bound in the house on her corner

The girl saves her life.

The girl grows up and starts an organization so that no elderly person will be overlooked.

Thousands of spirits are lifted, thousands of lives saves, millions of mitzvos are done.

All because of ONE girl 

All because of ONE mother

This is Parenthood




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