By Rivka Perlman

January 17, 2012

The Heartbeat of a Mezuza



My friend Rachel Zamoiski fell in love with a Mezuza case 2 years ago in Israel. She bought it then, and its been sitting in her house since. This year for her father’s yartzheit, Rachel decided to take on a Mitzvah in his merit. So we went to the Jewish book store and bought a scroll to put inside so that she  could hang up a mezuza. she sent me a picture of her mezuza proudly hanging on her door. This poem was written for her. Rachel, your Jewish heart beats strong!

My Mezuza Speaks   

I’ve come home

For years I’ve waited

first in the studio

As the artist carved and painted and brought me to life

Then, in the crowded store

as swarms of people filed by

their gaze distracted.

Then she found me

And lifted me up in the air

And down to her open arms  

I knew at once she understood.

She saw who I was, who I could be

Not a mere decoration, a hollow case

she understood

that beauty and truth are internal

and that holiness holds mystery

beyond the seeing eye

I knew my time had almost arrived

I waited…

And then she was ready.

She uncovered another layer 

Deep inside her

Another layer of her truth and beauty

And at the same time, revealed mine

She filled my case with a luminous scroll

and filled her heart with faith

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