By Rivka Perlman

March 28, 2013

The Secret

I am one happy girl.

Inspired by my brother in law, Sony, who has been living in The Secret for the past three months, I am officially ready for a super amazing, incredible life!

Sony has always been awesome, talented, compassionate and slightly nuts. But now, he’s all that plus he’s HAPPY. I mean happy in a relaxed, feel good good way.

Happy in a way that gives him energy, vitality and a shine in his eyes.  He also lost 50 lb’s and cut back from 3 jobs to 2 and has started running, skiing and juicing.

So of course, I want some of that. I want TONS of it. So I had to watch The Secret.

And I did – last night. And I’m psyched.


For the past little while I’ve been out of sorts. My inner vision had been blurry. Self doubt began to creep into my thoughts, depleting me of energy.  And even  though I’d been going to bed at reasonable hours – I wasn’t feeling much better. But I won’t dwell on that – because that’s not The Secret. I would dwell on it though – in the past. I would ruminate and analyze and fret.

No more. Today – I live with happiness, and confidence that all my dreams will come true and the road ahead is paved with blessing beyond my wildest imagination. My home atmosphere is about to get a major upgrade!


The Secret is not New age wisdom – there are hundreds of places in the Toah that point to this reality, maybe thousands. Many of us have just missed them – we got dragged down by our own negativity.

Here are some I thought of.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe used to say – and this is a mantra for his Chssidim “think good and it will be good”

The Midrash says that in the dessert enough manna fell each day for 2,000 years though the Israelites were only permitted to gather enough for one day – in order to teach us the law of abundance.

In Psalms it says, “(You) open your hand and satiate every person’s will.” (In hebrew, ratzon, your inner desire)

when we say blessings, we say them in the present tense – we pray for someone who is sick and then we say G-d, who heals the sick.” Rather than, G-d, who will please heal the sick.

We have books and books on bitachon – confidence in G-d. And a wonderful book which I highly recommend all about how gratitude is the basis for everything good in our lives, “The Garden of Gratitude.”

This is just a speck in the ocean – just my mornings thoughts about how I see the secret through the filter of Torah. But truthfully you don’t even have to get that deep. Universal truth is simply true.


Last night I wrote out my vision for what I want – and it was amazingly clear. It turns out I was only unclear when I let the negative thoughts in. Inside, I know what I want. and today, I’ll be working on my vision board. I have countless stories to tell you about how The secret works. But I’ll stop here and let you watch the movie…. Lets talk again soon. I’ll share my stories and I can’t wait to hear yours. To be continued….

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