By Rivka Perlman

September 12, 2014

The Third Alternative

The  Third Alternative is an alternate universe that is waiting for us to visit her. It’s a place of arriving, a place of surrendering control and being open, not only to possibilities, but to the possibility that there are so many possibilities you haven’t even begun to fathom.

They say, “You teach what you need to learn.” The first half of this year I was learning about boundaries. I had made so many mistakes over the years that it took a giant wake up call for me to see how  offtrack I was. (You can see the video here.)

I found that as soon as I was ready to learn the chances to practice the lesson were everywhere. I learned how to say no from a place of clarity. there are healthy limits that are needed to sustain a good spiritual and physical health. It’s actually been pretty humbling. Now that I’m more honest about what I can and can’t do, I realize that there’s a lot that I can’t do, without paying the price.

So that was “Boundaries 101.” And now, onto the next class, “Confrontation 101.” If you watch the video you’ll see notice that it’s actually the opposite of classic confrontation where you blast the other party with your feelings.  A better name for this life lesson is “Harmony 101.” and I am so grateful that I am learning it, day by day.

You can see the book on Amazon here. I got mine from the library:)

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