Hi Everyone, I’m writing to you from Monsey, New York where I have butterflies in my stomach from what is about to happen!

In three hours I will be hosting a live telethon with my dear brother Benzion Klaztzko, founder of Shabbat.com! We’ll be having musicians, games, inspirational speakers and Menorah lighting  – all day long!

Here’s the info and link to tune in. TODAY, Dec 6 12:0opm- 10:00pm on LIVEJUDAISM.COM

Watch the videos below to get a taste of what’s about to happen!

PS Late breaking news! Our telethon is taking off! TORAHANYTIME.COM is streaming us!!!

PPS Late, late breaking news!!!! HIDABROOT Israel is also carrying our show!!!

PPS My stomach is settling down! Clearly G-d is loving this idea!!! Woo Hoo!

Leave me a comment below and let me know if you’ll be tuning in!!