By Rivka Perlman

August 12, 2015

Transformation Life Coaching Through Writing

How I Use Writing In Transformation Life Coaching

Lately I’ve been using a lot of writing in my Transformation Life Coaching. As a personal coach I’ve been using it as a tool for self development, career coaching and relationship coaching.

As a matter of fact, I ask all my new life coaching clients to have a notebook and pen at every session. It’s such a basic tool ¬†and yet so awesome at the same time.

What happens when a pen hits the paper amazes me every time. 

Writing is a strange thing. You would think that you know your thoughts;  after all they’re in your head. And yet, when you sit down to write you find out things you never knew.

I like to think of it like this. We are souls, connected to infinite knowing. Yet in our daily life its easy to step over that. We focus on survival and accomplishment and the accompanying ego and fears. When we write however,  we are one step closer to hearing the soul, to hearing ourselves.

All day long we are getting input.  There is no stop button on life. And there is no stop button on our brain, so we become experts at filtering. We take in just enough input to give us energy and information for the next thing. The rest of our thoughts we store in our subconscious, in our data base of intuition.

This is healthy, it’s called functioning. But what happens to all that stored information? What if you could access it and use it to inform your life? Imagine how much richer every day would be.

As an illustration, think about all the popular blogs that are on every day topics, such as child raising and how the chronicling of it leads to incredible learning. And ¬†as you’ll see at the end of this article, that’s not the only way to use writing.

When you write your mind connects to all that stored knowing.  Your hand become a conduit for insight. Worlds unfold.  Missions get clear. Decisions that were hard become obvious. The path  for success is lit and all you need to do is walk on it.

Transformation Life Coaching

Below  is an incredible example of using writing to unlock wisdom and healing. The blog below came out of a writing transformation life coaching assignment I gave.

I hope you read it. It’s called¬†¬†It’s hurting, honest and hopeful all at once. It is courageous. As you read it, imagine the young author ¬†processing all this pain only on her head, without “getting it out.” And think about what things you need to get out as well.

[With this post, her blog is going public for the first time. Please support her growth with your comments and subscription.  Share it with your friends and with someone who needs it.]

(Note about the blog РIf you have experienced abuse, please seek therapy. Transformation Life Coaching is only one component of the healing.) 


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