By Rivka Perlman

February 2, 2015

Why We Watch the Superbowl

So, I’ll be honest , I’m not a  fan of the Superbowl. (Don’t throw tomatoes at me!)  But every year, the Perlman clan has the most over the top Superbowl party in the neighborhood.

We started around 4 years ago. Our boys were in middle school and suddenly football was a big deal. In general we don’t watch TV but the mythic proportions of Superbowl Sunday just couldn’t escape them.

So we decided to make something wonderful out of it.

Sunday afternoon we go shopping like there’s no tomorrow . We seriously get every man food out there. Then we cook all day. Wings, subs, fries, donuts oy vey.

rivka malka rivka malka rivka malka
rivka malka

And after a day of cooking and anticipation we watch the game. Now here comes the true confessions part – I used to hate this. It was all my husbands idea and I couldn’t stand what I saw as a sell-out move. We don’t stand for football/American/secular culture so why are we making a whole family memory of it? But over the years I’ve come to see the beautiful wisdom in this. He even instituted fifteen minutes of Torah learning before the game to keep our priorities straight. And believe or not, they love it.

They are teenagers, they want to watch the game. So they can either watch it with their friends in whatever environment their friends create, or they can be with us, and we can create memories and an atmosphere of love.

Not only that, but my friend Rivky taught me a quote that I savor to this day. “If you want to build relationships you must be willing to invest in time well wasted. “

So we’re here and we’re watching the Superbowl and I guess I’m getting a tiny bit bored bc I’m writing this blog post ( Seahawks are winning so far!) but in spite of my old misgivings I’m finding myself enjoying the moment. hoping you’re having a great night. Love, Rivka Malka

rivka malka rivka malka

Rivka Malka





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