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Complete your entire training in approximately 6 months AND THEN APPLY FOR YOUR ICF CERTIFICATION

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Start on Your Healing Journey

The School of Coaching and Transformation is a powerful mixed modality school that empowers women with a thorough and comprehensive coach training.

Whether you come to learn to coach or for your own growth, this exhilarating, penetrating work will open you up to your greatest strength. You will learn to hold hearts and empower soul missions.

Start your journey

Learn to coach and experience inner growth.


Learn, integrate and become experts in multi-faceted TLC (Transformation Life Coaching) skills.


Experience your own transformation as you train – watch your relationships shift and heal.


Be equipped with the knowledge that will enable you to coach others to their greatest empowerment and service.


Make new and lasting friendships. Become a part of the uplifting and inspiring school community.

“Hi, my name is Shulamith Zakuntinsky and I feel privileged to be a student at Rivka Malka’s School of Coaching and Transformation. It has truly been a life altering and life enhancing experience. The guidance that Rivka Malka has given all of us as she teaches us with such clarity and sensitivity is truly outstanding. Together with Rachel who also is such a phenomenal teacher and coach, they are a dynamic duo. They have really put together a highly professional and outstanding school experience for all of us. Debbie is also a wonderful guide, mentor, and coach to us and she is part of this valuable team. The school is so professionally run and so well organized and it really far surpasses anything that I could have expected. The financial costs are minimal compared to what we are gaining for life. One of the most valuable lessons that we’ve all gained is that in learning how to coach others, we first have to be able to coach ourselves and heal ourselves and this has been truly a remarkable journey. I highly recommend this program for anybody looking into going into any form of coaching – this is address! I have so much gratitude.
Thank you so much to Rivka Malka, Rachel, Debbie and the entire team.”

Shulamith Zakuntinsky

Rivka Malkas School for coaching and transformation has been wonderfully transformative to me. Not only has it transformed my life in a number of ways, it has also guided me into becoming a skilled, compassionate, confident, coach. I have seen all my relationships shift largely for the good. My self knowledge has deepened greatly. I have greater knowledge of healthy ways to live, both intellectual knowledge and heart knowledge. I feel so privileged to have been through this school.

Coming in I didn’t know if I had it in me to be a coach. I wanted to be able to support others in their journey but so often I didn’t know how. Through my time in Rivka Malka’s school I have learned to deeply support another. I have coached many people and each time I feel immense gratitude for being led to this place. I am truly able to be of service. I have also learned the art of receiving. I’ve learned to take with open arms the gifts that I am being surrounded with each moment of the day.

The amount of money I paid is incomparable to the change I have experienced. It was worth every penny.

Thank you Rivka Malka! And thank you to the rest of the school’s staff for all that you do!

Tzipora Werner

After some profound changes in my life, I felt I needed something more. I had some options, and after looking into them, Rivka Malka’s School felt like The Choice. I had tons of information and knowledge that I had acquired and I was looking to integrate it deeper into my life. I was looking for a grounding space that would set in all my life changes in a more profound way. I was looking for a positive healing space which I did find in Rivka Malka’s School. Experiencing group healing is something I am very grateful for. I had the opportunity to feel others’ hearts and gain perspective. I was trusted to hold a heart and I trusted to be held by my fellow classmates.

The classes are very informative, supportive, and to the point. There is so much fun in every lesson, and of course, in the beautiful exercises. School taught me how to be more authentic to my true self in the outside world. It opened my language on how to create healing opportunities with my children. I felt like all my work, growth, and knowledge transformed from my heart into the world around me. It got me growing in ways I didn’t expect. Rivka Malka is a true Queen. I had listened to her videos a while ago and was drawn back to get into her school. Her soft-spoken voice gave the healing experience a tender touch to my heart. It felt soothing and safe. She eased the heavy topics, made the complicated simple, and made the heavy subjects feel light. If you are looking for a place to grow, this is the environment you’ll love.

Chana Rita Miller

What is Transformation Coaching?

Transformation coaching brings you an awareness of who you are being in the world and empowers you to make way for what you truly want to create. It is both challenging and healing. Transformation coaching directly addresses your relationships, inner beliefs and magnificence.

How it started

The code was cracked. Coaching was not enough. Holy, transformational connection was the key.

Years ago I received classic Life Coaching training at a premiere coach training school. I began my practice equipped with tools and an education that was invaluable and solid.

At that time I was receiving healing work from an outside practitioner and I noticed that the more work I received the better my coaching became. I began to reach people in ways I never thought possible. I began to witness them undergoing transformation that was way beyond what I was offering them. I was amazed at their growth. What was going on?

I began to get hungry: Hungry for knowledge. Hungry to understand; What is healing? What is transformation? What is this gift that I am receiving and how I can best offer it to another person?




For 6 months our students train in coaching and healing techniques. All classes are interactive, experiential, and fun. We have a hands-on approach. Each session contains teaching modules, practice modules, and experimentation. You will gain immediate experience in coaching and will receive feedback on your skills. You will be coaching fellow students and new clients by the end of this training.

We strongly believe that you can only take your clients as far up the mountain as you have gone. Based on that belief, our training includes a process of exploration of your inner self. You will learn how to hold and heal and how to cheer and challenge. This is not only a School for Coaching, it is a School for Life. You will be equipped with the confidence, skills, and resources to take your gift to the world.

Our classes are on Monday afternoons from 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM EST. Supervision and In-Depth Workshops take place on Sundays. The training includes one-on-one sessions with Rivka Malka.

our Students tell their story

We are Different – Here’s How:

Business magazines say that Life Coaching is the number one most lucrative upcoming profession in the next five years. 

But is life coaching really enough? Can we support people without understanding the wounds or beliefs that lay beneath their actions? Can we help people to move forward in their lives without guiding them to look to a spiritual source? Can we take someone to brave new territory without having gone there ourselves? 

TLC (Transformation Life Coaching), maintains that it is possible to train coaches way above and beyond traditional life coaching practices so that their clients will experience profound and deep shifts that will impact every area of their lives. Our goal is to expand the consciousness of our students, to offer them a rich and diverse toolbox, and a new set of eyes with which to see themselves and the people they work with.

The School of Coaching and Transformation brings together ALL these modalities and more.

1) Life Coaching – Skills and techniques focused on helping people get clarity and results so that they can live with choices instead of feeling stuck. 

2) Inner Work – Bringing awareness and healing to one’s past and opening new doorways for a beautiful present and future.

3) Somatic Work – Addressing the body and the energy patterns that are stored within it that bring about subconscious reactions.

4) Emunah – Spiritual frameworks that encourage a client to understand spiritual perspectives that hold the answers they seek.

5) Restorative Healing – Structures, accountability, and goals to help a client craft the life they desire to create. 

PLUS a mixed media toolbox of art, music, and writing exercises that expand each session for maximum impact.

Most importantly, all of our teachings are firmly rooted in Torah sources. The growth and empowerment that we bring to our students and clients are designed to bring them closer to Hashem/G-D, to their purpose, to themselves, and to their loved ones. We combine Torah-true values with classic and modern coaching tools to create a truly transformational experience.

How it started

Years ago, I received classic Life Coach training at a premiere coach training school. I began my practice equipped with tools and an education that was invaluable and solid. At that time, I was receiving healing work from an outside practitioner and I noticed that the more work I received the better my coaching became. The healing that I was receiving was having a ripple effect. I began to reach people in ways I never thought possible. I was learning about love. I saw that the more I was willing to look at myself with love, the greater the room it gave clients to see themselves with love.

I began to get hungry. Hungry for knowledge. Hungry to understand. What is healing? What is transformation? How can I best offer it to another person? With Hashem’s loving kindness I began to encounter more and more modes of healing. Somatic Work, Inner Child Work, Compassionate Holding, Integrated Transcendence, and more. At that same time, in my own growth process, I was deepening my emunah/faith, working on forgiveness, and solidifying my knowledge that only Hashem/G-D is the one, true Healer.

I was led to different teachers and slowly, my approach evolved. It was a blend of all the incredible lessons I’d learned, along with my own passion for seeing people flourish.

During this time, I began to run Redemption Retreats. The extended length of these retreats and the diversity of my staff allowed us to use all of the modalities at once. The results were amazing. Every Retreat was a three-day long song of growth. At the heart of it all, however, it was the unconditionally accepting atmosphere and the space of emunah/faith that held the miracles. 

Following the Retreat, many participants experienced powerful growth, both through the Retreat work and through their follow-up coaching. They were on fire. They became ready to help others.

It was time to open Rivka Malka’s School of Coaching and Transformation.

Leaders Testimonials

Mrs. Ruthi Lynn

“Rivka Malka is a uniquely talented and holy woman. She has helped women remove the blocks that they often face, that sometimes seep in very subliminally in their lives. By identifying with them in a somatic way, identifying perhaps where they manifest themselves in their lives today, she helps them remove the blocks in a way that is very restorative and very natural. Many women feel very stuck in their lives and they are not sure what they are doing wrong. They internalize a sense of guilt and move away from a sense of self-acceptance. Rivka Malka really helps you find that love and that self-acceptance that Hashem really wants you to have in order for you to be able to fulfill your life’s purpose.”

Rebbetzin Gina Goldstein

Wife of Chief Rabbi of South Africa, founder of The Shabbos Project

“We brought Rivka Malka Perlman to South Africa for our Sinai Indaba 2018 event. She is a highly experienced, refined, Torah-true life-coach and healer, who is able to relate to diverse people in the most real and honest way. She is a living example of compassion, understanding and Ahavas Yisroel. Rivka Malka is multi-talented, she has so many diverse gifts to give!”

Mrs. Eve Levy

Founder of Inspired Jewish Women Momentum trip leader

“Rivka Malka has this amazing way of connecting and reconnecting every woman, of all backgrounds, to HaShem. Just being in her presence makes you want to live a more spiritual and elevated life. I have personally benefited tremendously as a participant in one of Rivka Malka’s retreats and I have also worked side by side with Rivka Malka in bringing her retreat to other women. She has a precious light that our Jewish world needs to experience very much."

Following a near death experience, I’m on a mission to help every woman discover G-d’s personal unconditional love for her.


Questions about ICF accreditation and our CTLC certification
Is your school ICF Accredited? Are there any new updates regarding accreditation?

Yes, we are now accredited by the ICF as a Level 2/PCC coaching education provider. 

If someone completes our full coach certification training, including receiving certification from our school, does that mean they automatically receive ICF Level 2/PCC certification?

Completing our Level 2/PCC program does not automatically provide students with ICF certification. The ICF has its own independent application process. Students may apply through the ICF to earn their certification.

In regard to getting ICF certification, what does it mean if someone completes our full accredited Level 2/PCC training?

There are different paths that a person can take to apply for their own ICF certification. One of the paths is called the "ACTP Path". This path can be for Level 1/ACC or Level 2/PCC certification. If you are applying for certification through the ACTP Path, it means that you completed a program that has built into their program the education hours, mentor coaching, and performance evaluation required to earn either the ICF Level 1/ACC or Level 2/PCC credential. By completing our full coaching school certification track program (and you complete the required coaching hours), you can apply for Level 1/ACC or Level 2/PCC certification from the ICF via the ACTP Path.

What is the basic overview of what I need to apply for my Level 1/ACC or Level 2/PCC certification from the ICF?

When applying for your ICF certification, you will submit your program certificate (not the diploma, but rather a certificate that the school will provide you with, which states that you graduated from our Level 2 program with all its requirements). You will enter the number of your coaching hours in your application. Once the application review process is complete, you will take the ICF Credentialing Exam. This exam is different than the exam that the school administers. It is specifically from the ICF and we do not administer this exam. In short, the 3 main things you need are the coaching certificate, the required coaching hours, and passing the ICF Credentialing Exam.

How does the ICF describe their "ICF Credentialing Exam"?

The ICF describes the exam: "All candidates for the ACC (or PCC) credential, regardless of application path, are required to pass a computer-based written exam administered by ICF Credentials and Standards. The ICF Credentialing Exam is a tool designed to measure a coach’s knowledge of and ability to apply the ICF definition of coaching, ICF Core Competencies, and ICF Code of Ethics." Please see the link below for more information regarding the exam:

How many hours of training do I need in order to apply for Level 2/PCC certification?

You need at least 125 hours of training. Our program is 128 hours.

How many hours of coaching do I need to apply for the Level 2/PCC certification?

You need at least 500 hours of coaching. 450 of those hours need to be paid hours. You need to have completed these coaching hours with a minimum of 25 coaching clients. At least 50 of these hours need to have occurred within the prior 18 months before submitting your application. The start date for the coaching hours must be "following the start of their coach-specific education". The ICF describes what they mean by "coach-specific education,"; stating, "For this purpose, ICF defines the start of coach-specific education as any course with at least 30 hours of which at least 24 hours are in ICF Core Competencies instruction. Eligible courses can be ICF-accredited or non –ICF-accredited." Please double-check all information on the ICF website or contact the ICF directly.

What are some links I should look at on the ICF website regarding Level 2/PCC certification?

Here are 2 links to start with: (Please remember that all final details regarding ICF certification should come specifically through the ICF website or from being in contact with the ICF)

Can I apply for ICF Level 1/ACC certification with the Level 2/PCC training that I did with you?

If you completed the full Level 2/PCC training, you can apply for your Level 1/ACC certification from the ICF.

How many hours of training do I need in order to apply for Level 1/ACC certification?

In order to apply for a Level 1/ACC certification, you need at least 60 hours of coaching education. If you complete our full program, you will have 128 hours of coaching education.

How many hours of coaching do I need in order to apply for the Level 1/ACC certification?

You would need to have at least 100 hours of coaching. 75 of those hours must be paid hours. You need to have completed these coaching hours with a minimum of 8 coaching clients. At least 25 of these hours need to have occurred within the prior 18 months before submitting your application. The start date for the coaching hours must be "following the start of their coach-specific education". The ICF describes what they mean by "coach-specific education,"; stating, "For this purpose, ICF defines the start of coach-specific education as any course with at least 30 hours of which at least 24 hours are in ICF Core Competencies instruction. Eligible courses can be ICF-accredited or non –ICF-accredited." Please double-check all information on the ICF website or contact the ICF directly.

What else do I need to apply for my Level 1/ACC certification?

You will need to upload your "training certificate" (not the diploma, but rather a certificate that the school will provide which states that you graduated from our Level 2 program with all of its requirements). You will need to fill in the application with the number of coaching hours you have completed and answer some other questions. You will also need to take an ICF Credentialing Exam. This exam is different than the exam that the school administers. It is specifically from the ICF and we do not administer this exam. See the question “How does the ICF describe their "ICF Credentialing Exam"?” for the ICF description of this exam and the link to the ICF webpage. 

The following 2 links from the ICF can help clarify everything you need to apply for your ACC certification:

If I did not complete the full Level 2/PCC course, but I did complete some of the training hours, does it count for anything in regard to the ICF?

Yes, the hours that you did complete do count for something in regard to the ICF. There are different methods to apply for ICF certification. The questions and answers until now are dealing with one specific way of applying for ICF certification called the “ACTP Path.” The “ACTP Path” means that you completed a program that has built into your program the education hours, mentor coaching, and performance evaluation required to earn either the ICF Level 1/ACC or Level 2/PCC credential. Our school is accredited as such a program. You can say that the “ACTP Path” is probably the easiest and clearest path to applying for ICF certification because the Level 1/ACC or Level 2/PCC program that you completed has everything you need already included in it. You just show proof that you completed the course, complete the required coaching hours, fill out the application, and then take the ICF Credentialing Exam.

However, there are other paths for applying for ICF certification, including the “ACSTH Path”. The “ACSTH Path” is used when someone did not complete an entire Level 1/ACC or Level 2/PCC program, but they did complete a certain amount of coach education hours. For our purposes, we’ll say that they completed enough coach education hours required to apply for either a Level 1/ACC or a Level 2/PCC certification. However, there are still more requirements needed to apply for their Level 1/ACC or Level 2/PCC certification, such as the 10 hours of mentor coaching and the performance evaluation. They then complete the other requirements from somewhere else. Once they have completed all of their requirements, including their coaching hours, they can then apply for certification from the ICF through the “ACSTH Path.” Part of the application process requires the applicant to upload a document showing that they have the required education hours for whichever level of certification they are applying for. This is where we, the school, come in because we provide this document to you, the applicant. 

The above answer and information about the “ACSTH Path” is specific to how it relates to students getting their education hours from our school. For a broader description of the different paths for applying for ICF certification and to verify the accuracy of what was said above, please see the link below.

What are the requirements for the CTLC (Certified Transformation Life Coach) certification?

Many of our students come for their own personal development or to add a skill set to their already established careers. This is wonderful and you will be able to apply your gifts in an infinite amount of situations.

However, for those that are seeking CTLC certification, these are the requirements:

  • Attendance in both  Sunday and Monday live classes.
  • Coaching for a minimum of 60 hours
  • All coaching sessions must be entered into the "Coaching Accountability Form"
  • Completion of a written exam
  • Recorded coaching session (minimum 30 minutes) that is sent in and graded by the Coaching School staff
Who will I be certified to coach with your CTLC (Certified Transformation Life Coach) Certification?

The Coaching School meets the requirements to certify you to coach all over the world servicing all populations. With this certification, you will be able to coach on a personal or corporate level.

All this is true even without ICF Certification. Our school's in-house certification process includes a written exam, 60 hours of coaching practice, and a recorded session.

General Questions
What is included in the Coach Certification Training?

The coach certification training meets on Sundays and Mondays.

The following is included in the training:

20 live Zoom classes on Mondays. These Zoom classes are 2 and a half hours each. The classes are from 1:00 - 3:30 PM EST. (If there are enough students interested in 8:00 - 10:30 PM EST classes, we would take that into consideration. However, as of now, we are only offering the 1:00 - 3:30 PM EST classes.) 

25 pre-recorded lessons averaging approximately half an hour each 

22 pre-recorded sample coaching sessions

20 hours working with Coaching Buddies. Coaching Buddies take place in the final hour of the Monday Zoom classes. After one and a half hours of everyone being together on Zoom, the students then get divided up into groups of 2 or 3 (in Zoom breakout rooms) to practice coaching with each other. 

6 Observed Coaching Sessions for each student. These coaching sessions will take place in a group setting that is no larger than 10 people. Each student will receive written feedback for four out of the six sessions. The groups will meet over nine Sundays for two hours each. There will be a choice between joining a group starting at 11:00 AM EST or 1:30 PM EST. If additional groups are needed, we will arrange another time slot for them. 

10 Mentor Coaching hours for each student. Seven out of the 10 mentor coaching hours will be done in a group setting. The groups will meet over nine Sundays for two hours each. Three out of the 10 mentor coaching hours will be done one-on-one with Rivka Malka.  

Once a month Deep Dives -  These immersive classes are a deep dive into specific coaching tools or healing subjects. They are 4 1/2 hours each. The Deep Dives involve a full, hands-on exploration that brings our coaches to true expertise. Topics include:

The Healing Model, Perspectives, Saboteur, Life Mission, Process Work, and Business and Marketing Training. 

Four and a half hour Workshop at the end of the first module. 

Four and a half hour Graduation/workshop at the end of the 2nd module. 

Each student gets an online "Coaching Accountability Form" to keep track of their coaching.

There are various resources that come as part of the course. They include videos, articles, documents, and more. These resources are on the course page of the Coaching School.

There is a Private WhatsApp group for all of the Coaching School students to discuss ideas, celebrate victories, ask questions, share, and learn more.

A final Performance Evaluation will be administered to each graduating student. The final performance evaluation contains an actual observation of coaching at least one half-hour to one hour in length. Students will receive written feedback/scoring for their performance evaluation that provides information regarding their performance on each of the ICF Core Competencies.

Please read the other FAQs to see what else is needed for either ICF certification or our own CTLC certification. 

What are the Extended Immersive Workshops?

At the end of each (approximately) 3 month semester, there will be an Extended Immersive Workshop on Zoom. This workshop is an amazing experience of fun, growth, learning, self-discovery, and more. The Extended Immersive Workshop is the culmination and integration of all the growth and learning of each module. In these online workshops, we journey together through a series of powerful personal exercises. It's a celebration of your transformation! 

The ICF requires a minimum of 125 "Contact Hours" for any accredited Level 2/PCC program. How many contact hours does your Coach Certification training have?

Our Advanced Coach Training with Certification Track has 128 contact hours.

To understand this more, here is a quote from the ICF website defining what contact hours are. "Contact hours: Clock hours spent in synchronous (real-time) interactions between faculty and participants and asynchronous or clock hours spent outside of real-time interaction between faculty and participants. Synchronous contact hours can include time spent in direct instruction, real-time discussions, observation and feedback or practice coaching sessions, and mentoring participants. Asynchronous contact hours can include outside reading, writing, research, journaling, practice coaching and various other activities that may occur outside of the synchronous setting."

Our 128 contact hours are made up as follows:

20 hours of pre-recorded classes, exercises, and demo coaching (these hours are asynchronous and core competencies)
50 hours - Monday Zoom calls (these hours are synchronous and core competencies)
9 hours of end-of-semester workshops on Zoom (these hours are synchronous and core competencies)
27 hours on Sundays of additional live training on Zoom (these hours are synchronous and core competencies)
18 hours on Sundays of group mentor coaching, observed coaching sessions, and supervision (these hours are synchronous and core competencies)
3 hours of one-on-one mentor coaching (these hours are synchronous and core competencies)
1 hour for performance evaluation (this hour is asynchronous and core competencies)
What if I am already a coach? Will I still benefit?

Yes. This probing training will stretch your skills at whatever level you are at. We have had many therapists and classically trained coaches tell us that despite their previous experience they learned entirely new approaches at the Coaching School. We are proud to say that one of the most common feedback we receive from our students is that out of all the many training programs they attended, this one was the best. Our goal is to continue making it better and better.

What are the sources for your trainings?

Rivka Malka is trained in CoActive coaching through CTI - The Co-Active Training Institute. In addition, she is trained in Somatic Work, Inner Child Work, and Business Coaching.

Our training is experiential. Although we do not always quote text outright, please be advised that everything we teach is deeply rooted deeply in Torah sources. Some of these include The Ramchal, Chovos Halevavos, Meslias Yesharim, and Rebbi Nachman, as well as more contemporary sources like the Aish Kodesh, Nesivos Shalom, and the Alai Shor.

Along with your coaching resources, you will receive the Torah sources for these ideas straight from the text. You will love seeing these powerful truths in black and white.

Are all students accepted? Who are your intended participants? What are your prerequisites for enrollment?

The school is for women only, so we do not accept men into the program. Our prerequisite for enrollment is that the student is female and that they are 18 years old and above. However, we do reserve the right in certain instances, to not allow for specific potential participants to join the course. For example, if we feel that the course would not be good, healthy, or safe for someone, or we feel that they would not be a good fit with the other students in the course, we exercise our right to not allow that person to join. We also reserve the right to remove any student from a course if they are having a deeply negative impact on the rest of the participants or on the learning environment.

What are the lesson titles in each course?
NOTE: We are always working to improve our school. Therefore, new classes may be added, and/or current classes may be improved or removed. 
Module 1 - Foundations 1
Summary: In this module, you will be introduced to the techniques used in the Transformation Life Coaching (TLC) model of healing. You will learn key concepts and tools that will form the foundation for your and your client's healing capacity.
Introductory Lesson #1 - Intro to the Redemption School
Introductory Lesson #2 - The Redemption Journey - A Model for Healing
Introductory Lesson #3 - Boundaries and Ethics
Lesson # 1 - Holding Space
Lesson # 2 - Listening, Acknowledging, and Clarifying
Lesson # 3 - Powerful Questions
Lesson # 4 - Labeling
Lesson # 5 - Metaphors
Lesson # 6 - The Saboteur
Lesson # 7 - Triggers
Lesson # 8 - P.I.E.S
Lesson # 9 - Fulfillment and Values
Lesson # 10 - Life Mission
Module 2 - Foundations 2
Summary: In this module, you will continue learning the techniques used in the Transformation Life Coaching (TLC) model of healing. Now that you have a solid foundation and have learned how to create and foster a safe, supportive, and healing environment, you will expand your skills and tools repertoire. You will acquire more active skills to help bring your client further into the growing and healing process.
Lesson # 1 - Silence
Lesson # 2 - Process Coaching
Lesson # 3 - Embodiment
Lesson # 4 - Accountability
Lesson # 5 - Perspectives
Lesson # 6 - Challenging
Lesson # 7 - Creative Healing Part 1
Lesson # 8 - Creative Healing Part 2
Lesson # 9 - Visualizations
Lesson # 10 - Opening and Closing a Session
The following In-Depth lessons which take place on Sundays for 4 1/2 hours each are only for students in the Advanced Coach Training with Certification Track.
In-Depth # 1 - Ethics and Core Competencies, Guidelines, Holding Space and the Redemption model
In-Depth # 2 - Listening and Acknowledging, Clarifying, Powerful Questions, Labeling
In-Depth # 3 - Summary of the first set of coaching tools and skills, and Life Mission
In-Depth # 4 - Reclaiming the Self; Creative Healing, Mindfulness, Intuition and Confidence
In-Depth # 5 - Perspective and Forgiveness
In-Depth # 6 - Boundaries and Core Beliefs
In-Depth # 7 - Summary of 2nd semester, Business and Marketing, Professionalism and Legalities


What language/s do you teach in?
All of the lessons, both pre-recorded and live, are taught in English. Occasionally there may be a word mentioned in Hebrew, Yiddish, or another language. However, when this does occur, generally it is translated afterward into English. 


How do I contact the School? What is your organizational contact list?
All correspondence with the school begins with an email. Our email address is If the email is for someone specific in the organization, please make a note of that in the subject line of the email. The above email should be used for anyone and everyone in the organization.
Another way to contact the school is by clicking on the "CONTACT ME" tab in the upper right of the website and leaving a message. Once the school is contacted, your email will be directed to the person who it is most fitting for and they will get back to you.
Here is a list of the school team:
Rivka Malka Perlman - Co-founder and head teacher
Bezalel Perlman - Co-founder and husband of Rivka Malka
Rachel Wormeli - School administrator, student liaison, and assistant teacher
Debbie Grusd - Assistant teacher


Do I have to do the Homework?

Depending on what the homework is, the school will let you know if it is optional or not. The important thing to remember is that homework is our suggestion about how you can deepen your knowledge and growth. To get the most out of the training, it is in your best interest to do all the homework.

How can I begin practice coaching if I didn't get fully trained yet?
As training progresses you will often be asked to coach someone. We bring our students into this in stages. In the first month, you only practice with other students in your class. In the second month, you can move on to practicing with your family and close friends letting them know are coaching and that you are a student and you are just practicing. After three months, you can begin to coach others outside of your circle. While you may not be a full-fledged coach, you will already have had lots of training behind you that will give your coachees a good experience. We believe in our coaches!
To address the concern or fear about jumping into coaching, yes, it is scary to just jump in. However, it will certainly be the place where you get the most learning. A few points: If you joined the course, it means you are already compassionate and care deeply about people. It means you probably listen well. That is already enough to have a great session.
You can also let them know you are just starting out and that you are practicing. Thank them for letting you practice with them. Ask for their feedback.
You're learning something new and there is no judgment on how you do and what you do in the coaching sessions. There is just a celebration for putting yourself out there along with some deepening of your learning from comments you get about your coaching.
Do I need to be Jewish to attend The Coaching School?

You do not need to be Jewish to attend the school. We welcome women of all faiths in our school. We stand deeply in the simple truth that we are all children of one G-d. The Torah values of the school create a kind, non-judgmental environment where women from all walks of life can learn from one another.

What should I know about the intensity and the personal growth that happens in The Coaching School?
Our school is a safe and gentle space to learn and grow. There is no pressure to be particularly intense. That being said, there are a tremendous amount of opportunities to share, be vulnerable, and to step out of your comfort zone.
The pre-recorded classes themselves can bring up thoughts about your own life and ideas about how you can apply what you’re learning to your own life. The live Zoom classes generally have real coaching sessions that can be emotional. This is true whether you choose to be the one who gets coached or you are just observing.
During the training, you will be paired up with other students to coach and get coached. We call this "Coaching Buddies". This is an incredible opportunity to be vulnerable, to learn much more about yourself,  and to make some really great new friends. If at any point the conversation becomes more than you feel comfortable with, is too triggering, or does not feel safe for you, we ask that you share that feeling and readjust the conversation. 
We can not describe enough how much growth goes on in the school. Students find that their entire lives change for the better. Their relationships. Their marriages. Their self-worth. Their confidence. Their happiness. Their relationship with G-D. It is truly amazing to see. If you join and are open to growing, you are in for a wonderful journey. Please take a look at some of the testimonials.
That being said, please note that the school is a safe and boundaried container for exploration. Staff are mindful of what content is appropriate for class and which topics are best left for private discussion.
Who teaches each module/semster?

Rivka Malka teaches both the pre-recorded lessons and the live Zoom classes.

Rachel Wormeli, our school administrator, joins many of the Zoom classes and assists in the planning, teaching, and technical aspects of the class.

Debbie Grusd joins for some of the Zoom classes and is also involved with helping with the student coaching supervision.


What happens after I sign up for The Coaching School?

You will receive a welcome email that contains all the information you need to know to be part of the school. The email also includes links to the school WhatsApp group, a short questionnaire, a form with the school confidentiality agreement, and other agreements. You will also have access to the first 3 introductory classes and the first lesson of the first module (Foundations 1). Those classes should be watched before the first live online Zoom class.

Does The Coaching School have a confidentiality agreement and other agreements that the students need to sign?

Yes. It is very important that the students feel safe to share and know that their information will remain private. It is also important for the school to be a safe and comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Students agree to have appropriate conduct which is in line with the values of the school. There are a few other items in the agreement. We created a Google Form with all the agreements. The form also has a small questionnaire regarding the upcoming training. It is as simple as just putting your basic information in, answering a few questions, clicking “I agree” and submitting it.

What coaching counts as part of my coaching hours?

For the CTLC Certification, any coaching you do that is real coaching is counted as part of your 60 hours. Real coaching means that it is not just a regular conversation, it is a coaching session using the coaching tools. If you are doing real coaching in the breakout rooms during the Monday night live Zoom calls, you can keep track of that time and use it towards your 60 hours. If you coach someone in a public setting (let’s say in front of the class) during the Zoom call, you can count that as part of your 60 hours.

Please see the FAQs about ICF accreditation to learn more about what the ICF requires for their coaching hours.

Will I learn about the business and marketing aspects of a real coaching practice so that I can feel confident in starting my own coaching career right away?

As part of the coach certification training, there is a full "deep dive" Sunday where four and a half hours are dedicated to learning about business practices. This is in addition to a pre-recorded class about business, a Monday Zoom class, and various other teachings that occur during the rest of the training.

Examples of some of the topics that we cover are working with and collaborating with other professionals, payments, creating designed alliances with your clients, cancelations, how to advertise, basic marketing, resources for building a webpage, how to price yourself, when to refer out, what are red flags, boundaries, how to open and close a session,  and more.

Rivka Malka has been helping women step into their leadership for years. She created the Fun&Done Business Course and has abundant expertise and passion in helping women thrive. The Fun&Done Business Course goes in-depth on how to start a business, run a business, market yourself and find clients. Most importantly, Rivka Malka teaches how to make your coaching business a reflection of your own tafkid/purpose.

Is your school fully online?

Although Rivka Malka did begin training students in person, currently, the school is fully online.

What types of delivery methods do you use when teaching?

The pre-recorded classes and the other resources are all online at The live classes are all done on Zoom. In addition, we use Google Sheets and Google Docs for different purposes such as the Coaching Accountability Forms and the Final Exam.

What is your transfer of credit policy?

At this time, we are not able to accept partial course credit from other organizations or programs. Even if you have completed a Level 1 program, you must enroll for the entirety of a Level 2 program. Individuals with questions about this process should contact the school by emailing

Questions about schedule and attendance
How long is each semester?

There are 2 semsters in the program. Each semester is approximately 3 months.

What day of the week are the live classes?

Live Zoom classes are on Mondays from 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST. 

Additionally, Deep Dives,  Immersive Extended Workshops, Mentorship, and Supervision take place on Sundays. 

Please refer to the other FAQs for the full schedule.


Are the pre-recorded lessons a requirment for me to listen to?

The pre-recorded classes contain the core material of the coaching tools you will be using. Each one is targeted at a different topic and tool. They are mindfully and intentionally planned. In following all of the rules of the ICF, our school is required to keep track of every student making sure that all of the pre-recorded classes are watched as part of their curriculum.

Note: Most classes are only half an hour long. Generally, this is the only "homework" requirement that you will have during the week. And good news... our students enjoy them!


What is your attendance policy? what is your illness/time of emergency policy?

Attendance in every class is mandatory. The ICF requires that we track the attendance of the students and that their required training/learning hours, both synchronous and asynchronous, are accounted for. 

Synchronous learning is learning that is done in real-time together with the instructors.

Asynchronous learning is learning that is not done in real-time with the instructors such as homework, reading, research, and practice coaching. 

Certification involves certain amounts of both types of learning.

In an emergency situation and/or a case of illness, if you do have to miss a class, our students are required to let us know via email @ The recording of the Zoom class that was missed may be watched at a later time and you must let the staff know that you completed watching it.

This is for emergency situations only. Being that there are very specific guidelines from the ICF in terms of the required training/learning hours and what is needed to graduate, there is a limit to the amount of leeway we have. 

In cases of long-term illnesses that come up during the course, please contact us via email @ to request a transfer to a different round of Coaching School.


What is the difference between the pre-recorded class and the live online Zoom class?

Each semester has at least 10 pre-recorded video classes and at least 10 live online Zoom classes. The pre-recorded classes teach the core information and tools about a subject.

The live online class goes deeper into explaining and exploring that subject.

The live online class will be a lively interactive class including live coaching demonstrations, coaching observation and feedback, different exercises, answering any questions, understanding the tools and teachings and lots of self-discovery.


When I am in a Zoom class, does my video have to be turned on?

During the Zoom classes, everyone attending must have their video turned on. This is the required level of participation.

If there is an emergency that does not allow you to have your video turned on, we ask that you please let the school know in advance so we can be sensitive to your needs. 


Can I join for just one of the semesters?

There is no option to sign up for just one semester.

What is the schedule for the Coach Certification Training?

1st Semester


5 - (TUESDAY) - Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 1 Lesson # 1)

10 - Sunday Deep Dive - 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM EST (# 1)

11 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST(Foundations 1 Lesson # 2)


15 - Sunday Deep Dive - 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM EST (# 2)

16 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 1 Lesson # 3)

22 - Sunday Supervision/Mentorship - 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST (# 1)

23 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 1 Lesson # 4)

29 - Sunday Supervision/Mentorship  - 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST (# 2)

30 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 1 Lesson # 5)


5 - Sunday Supervision/Mentorship  - 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST (# 3)

6 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 1 Lesson # 6)

12 - Sunday Deep Dive - 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM EST (# 3)

13 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 1 Lesson # 7)

19 - Sunday Supervision/Mentorship  - 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST (# 4)

20 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 1 Lesson # 8)


3 - Sunday Supervision/Mentorship  - 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST (# 5)

4 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 1 Lesson # 9)

17 - Sunday Deep Dive (# 4) AND Zoom Class (Foundations 1 Lesson # 10) - 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM EST 

18 - Monday END OF MODULE WORKSHOP - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST

2nd Semester

January 2024

7 - Sunday Deep Dive - 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM EST (# 5)  

8 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 2 Lesson # 1)

14 - Sunday Supervision/Mentorship  - 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST (# 6)

15 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 2 Lesson # 2)

21 - Sunday Supervision/Mentorship  - 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST (# 7)

22 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 2 Lesson # 3)

29 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 2 Lesson # 4)


4 - Sunday Supervision/Mentorship  - 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST (# 8)

5 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 2 Lesson # 5)

12 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 2 Lesson # 6)

18 - Sunday Deep Dive - 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM EST  (# 6)

19 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 2 Lesson # 7)

25 - (SUNDAY) Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 2 Lesson # 8)

26 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST  (Foundations 2 Lesson # 9)


3 - Sunday Supervision/Mentorship - 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST (# 9)

4 - Monday Zoom Class - 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (Foundations 2 Lesson # 10)

10 - Sunday Deep Dive (# 7), END OF MODULE WORKSHOP, AND Graduation - 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM EST

For the live Zoom classes do you acommodate those living in different time zones?

We created the schedule to accommodate as many time zones as possible. We are in the EST time zone.  

Payment Questions
What is the pricing for The Coaching School? Do you have any payment plans?

Our pricing and payment plan are designed to support your dreams! 

The cost for the full training, supervision, mentorship, and one-on-one sessions with no added costs is $5,000.00. (an incredible deal!)

Payment Options: (The first payment always occurs when you register)

1 Payment - $5,000
2 Payments - $2,500 per month
4 Payments - $1,250 per month
5 Payments - $1,000 per month
6 Payments - $833.33 per month
8 Payments - $625 per month
10 Payments - $500 per month
13 Payments - $384.61 per month
16 Payments - $312.50 per month
18 Payments - $277.77 per month





What is your payment/fee policy?

Registration in a course is dependent upon receipt of the first payment. The first payment always occurs when the applicant registers. We accept payment via credit card or PayPal. All payments are in US Dollars.

What is your refund policy?

Course registration may be canceled up to 7 days before the course begins for a full refund. If the course registration is canceled within 7 days before the course begins until and including the first 7 days of the course, the full amount paid besides $250.00 will be refunded. Beginning from 8 days into the course and on, there are no more refunds and the total amount for the course will need to be paid. If you are registered for the entire course but choose not to come, you will continue to be charged for tuition.

All cancellation requests must be made in writing via email and must be sent to Refunds will be made within 30 days from the date the cancellation request email is received.

We understand that there is a great deal of unknown when starting something new. We encourage you to do your research before enrolling - and ask any questions you may have. We can also set you up with past students as references. Should a true life emergency arise we will save your spot for the next semester of The Coaching School and apply your payments there.

Can I transfer my payment from one round of Coaching School to another?

When necessary, one may transfer their course payment from one course to another without penalty up to 7 days before the purchased course begins. Any request made within 7 days of the purchased course beginning will incur a $150 transfer fee. Requests to transfer must be done in writing via email to

Are my payments tax deductible?

We can not give any concrete answer about taxes. You must consult with your accountant or tax advisor. However, there is a good chance that it is tax deductible based on Treas. Reg. 1-162-5 which states that all expenses of continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills are tax deductible.


Rabbi Shmuel Zev Juravel

It is an honor for me to pen these words of Haskama to Rebbetzin Perlman’s unique school where people learn how to reach inner joy and satisfaction in their Yiddishkeit.

Having grown up in a home full of Torah, yiras Shamayim, chessed and shimush Talmidei Chachamim, she has founded The Rivka Malka School of Coaching and Transformation on her own Torah experience. The school and its hashkafos are steeped in the holy words of Torah, Chazal and Tzaddikim throughout the generations, in both nigleh and nister. Rebbetzin Perlman has spent her life doing unbelievable chessed, teaching and bringing out the potential in everyone she meets. She has a positive and long lasting uplifting influence on all the women she meets. Her program brings women closer to Hashem, the Torah, their families, their friends and their true selves all within the framework of the Torah.

May HKB”H be with her to help guide and inspire for many happy healthy years with her wonderful husband.

Bibracha Vihakara,

Rabbi Shmuel Zev Juravel