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response has been awesome. Over 50 women have signed up. But one woman was not so happy. Here’s what she wrote. 

Hi RM! Sorry to bother you erev yontif, but after watching your YouTube video about the women’s conference I found myself grumbling internally. I have an issue which I have brought up to Rabbis and teachers alike, many times over. 
There are countless places out there that strive to help Jewish wives and mothers be the very best Jewish wives and mothers they can be, but there is so very little out there for those of us already struggling with singlehood. No one teaches us in HS or seminary how to be a great Jewish woman sans husband or children.
We are all taught that the role of a Jewish woman is defined by the home that she builds. But what happens when G-d doesn’t bless us with the gifts we dream of? What and who are we supposed to be?sails
I am not bitter and angry, but I am admittedly frustrated. There is no guidance for those of us who are not married. What defines US as Jewish women? Who are WE supposed to be?
I bring this up only in the hopes that perhaps one day a class might be given to help women who don’t fit into the traditional box, and they too can be taught that as Jewish women they still have value as well.
Beth Goldsammler.
colorful womans hairDear Beth, Holy cow! OF course they have value!! THIS is why I am making this workshop. We need to open up the conversation and talk about what it means to be a woman. Period. How ridiculous is it that we could think that the only way to serve Hashem is to be married. If God wants a person married, He can make that happen. In the meantime its such a shame that so many women are feeling less than, like they are in the Game of Waiting instead of the Game of Life.
Just to be sure I’m on the right track, after I got your message I asked my Rabbi that simple question “What is the role of the single Jewish woman?”
He answered without skipping a beat “To light up the world with her gifts.”
That is what The Art of Womanhood Workshop is about. Accessing your gifts, loving your gifts and using your gifts in pleasure and balance for an amazing life.This is for all of us.
So why is my video focused on married women?
When I started promoting the class I got scared. I knew that this class would help all women, no matter what station of life they are at. I know it and that’s why I created it. But then I panicked. I said to myself ” I’m coming from the perspective of a married woman. Even if my heart is in the right place, can I really relate on the level of experience to someone who is journeying through womanhood single?” I imagined women out there feeling like maybe I don’t understand them. Or examples of stories that they would have loved to hear but I didn’t have to share. So I started marketing with the married woman in mind. I let fear get to me.
However, since your message I have been doing some thinking. The last thing thing I want is to only speak to married women. I love being married and my next class may just be The Art of Marriage. But that’s not what this is. THIS is The Art of Womanhood.
We women need to be there for each other, celebrate each other! At my retreat we had single women, married women, divorced women, women with no kids, women with ten kids, Jewish women and non Jewish women. We had women struggling with overeating and women struggling with undereating. We had women who were artists, singers, dancers, painters, hospice workers, coaches, doulas, teachers, volunteers, therapists and clothing designers.
We had women in relationship, looking for relationship and done with relationship.
People are people.
But guess what, Beth,  This all got me thinking. It would be great to have another ( and unmarried) perspective on the class with us. In every different life space different things resonate. So I invited my dear friend RT Schwebel as a guest on the class together with me. Do you remember RT? She was in the video on Dressing Your Truth together with me. She’s authentic and wise and she’ll be sharing her voice as a strong, vibrant single woman.
Rt and Rivka Malka
Thanks to your honest question, this workshop just got even better. I’m excited to reach as many people as possible! There is energy in this work. It’s important! It’s our future. WE are our future. This is not about women who are needy or downtrodden. This is about women who want to live even more deeply in full expression, enjoying life in pleasure and balance and creating their happiness at a whole new level.
Please share the class info with your friends. We are changing the conversation!
This is the Art of Womanhood!
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