Personal Redemption is our work.

Redemption is what we experience as we each do the work of unmasking the purpose behind our personal exiles – the power within our pain.

It is Emunah work and the work of growing ourselves.

Redemption in Hebrew is Geula.  Geula is related to the word Gelui ( Gee – loy) which means revelation. The reasons for everything are revealed and all the fragmented pieces unify into one story.

When the pain that you feel and the joy that you seek come together in transcendence and purpose.

“Personal Redemption will bring global Redemption.”
–The Slonimer Rebbe


I love this work. The deeper I go,  the more is revealed. I am witnessing miracles every day.

Marriages are blossoming, traumas are healing, friendships are forming. I myself am changing.

This is the work that allows us to forgive. This is the work that allows us to live in incredible joy. This is the work that allows us to trust and open up to life. This is the work that brings people together without competition. This is the work of healing and this is what will heal the world.

Redemption is an era. It has already begun. In Talmudic language all that is happening in the world is called “Ikvisa D’mishicha” the footsteps of Moshiach.

Like a reunion of a 2 long lost brothers. They travel around the world and through lifetimes before they are finally reunited.

When at last they come into sight of one another, they break in to a run , arms outstretched faster and faster until they embrace.
This is where we are now. We are so close. We are speeding up, running quickly towards Redemption. That is why we have so many struggles.
Our pain has purpose.

Its here to accelerate the process of Redemption; of personal and global healing.

It is all part of the plan to heal you and reveal your true greatness. You only have to be willing to do the work. Every single thing about you, every single thing that happens to you is to compel you to look inside, to face yourself and find Hashem.

Redemption work comes in many forms and my mission is to show you doors; To offer you the healing journey that you need. For some it’s coaching through a difficult or confusing time. For others it’s finding their Life Mission through their business.

There are women who want to attend Retreats and experience authenticity and healing like they never have before.

There are women who want to attend a weekly class from their home with Redemption LIVE.

There are free videos to inspire your Judaism and paid courses to bring you deeper into topics that you don’t often hear about.

What brings all these together is the intention behind it. The fervent prayer that each of us find our way to connection with ourselves, with each other and with G-d. The journey is incredible.

The work is important. We are going deep. We are getting real. We are facing life with vulnerability and honesty and we are transforming ourselves.

Welcome to Redemption.