Have you ever asked yourself “Where did my zing go? “Why am I so tired –  dragging through the day and my responsibilities?”

You know what I mean – it’s when you joke about how old you are even though you’re not remotely old. And you say these jokes to make it okay that you feel so disconnected from your younger self.

When was the last time you  felt simply beautiful and worthy without the voice of the inner critic interfering?

When’s the last time you had an awesome belly laugh?

Ask yourself:

Do I have friends I can confide in and relationships I can count on? Do I feel energized by life?

How is my marriage? Are we basically putting up with each other, or are we in love and growing more so every day?

If you had trouble answering any of these questions you are not alone. Women are struggling. We have lost our way. We are groping  in the dark for inner peace and meaningful identity.

The Art of Womanhood is dying. I see it sputtering on the faces of women and in their tired postures and I feel it weakening as I interact with married couples.

What is the Art of Womanhood? The Art of Womanhood is a precious knowledge best passed down from mother to daughter over the decade and a half of childhood, fed in small bites and quiet lessons. It’s the knowledge of the intrinsic worth of a woman and how to nurture that worth through actions and attitudes.
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It’s how you put your family first by putting yourself first. It’s how you set healthy expectations without being demanding. It’s how you focus on giving, on growing, on stretching for your spouse and how you grow in the process. The Art of Womanhood teaches you how to talk to a man in a way that your needs get met and he feels like a million dollars meeting them.

It teaches you how to protect your femininity by staying vulnerable while not losing anything of your strength. It teaches you how to have pleasure no matter what the circumstance. The Art of Womanhood keeps you youthful even as you grow old.

Today we have all but lost the Art. Modern day life is structured so that it leans towards dysfunction. Feminism threw us for a loop. With all its gifts we lost almost as much as we gained. When we fought for our rights to be in the world with (supposed) equality, we also lost our intrinsic understanding of ourselves.

The chain has been broken. There is very little role modeling for the Art of Womanhood.  There is even less for the Art of Marriage. Sexual trauma is so rampant and damaging that it inhibits many women from naturally knowing what they need to know – their gifts, their beauty, the joy available in a marriage.

We need help.

We are missing so much and it’s not our fault.  Many of us didn’t have the role modeling of happy, fulfilled women in their life. How can our mothers teach us what they themselves are struggling to learn? And for those of us who were blessed enough to have these lessons from our mothers, our work is not done. The world has changed so much. The lessons of womanhood need translating into real world examples.

We have so many things coming up against us. We have tremendous pressure to live with a life standard that keeps us on a never ending hamster wheel. We have pressure to look great, keep it all together, balance a home life and work life. We are asked to be the best of both sexes all the time. Honestly, we don’t get much of a break.

What would life look like if you did get a break; if you were completely relaxed and in balance?

What would your marriage look like if you had the wisdom that would transform it into a romantic adventure?

How would your children benefit?

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What would it be like to be outrageously happy?

My dream is for every woman to know how infinitely beautiful and worthy she is. For her to capitalize and revel in her G-d given gifts and enjoy life. I want to see mothers who have emotional space for their children and are full of vitality. I want to see wives that feel cared for and marriages that are flourishing. And I want to see young women carry themselves like the princesses they are.

The Art of Womanhood teaches you this and much more. It teaches you who you are. It teaches you how to move through life with balance. How to maintain your joyful, connected Divine self through all the upheavals of life. How be a passionate, positive woman and get the  zing back in your life so you are consistently  happy.

I did not make this Art up. I learned it growing up among women who were both fully expressed and fully nurturing. There is nothing that I want more than to pass it on – to give others the gift that I was given – to teach you the Art of Balance and Pleasure.

How will I teach you? Honey, we are going to learn this together! 

It’s the ultimate girlfriend conversation!!!

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We’re going to talk about pleasure and fun and daily demands and spirituality. We’re going to talk  about boundaries and roles and body image and men. We’re going to make friends and we’re going to laugh!

There is nothing typical about this class. This is not a “5 Part Series Designed To Make You Think” or “The Secret to My Success – How I Got Rich.”

This is real. This is me sharing everything I know and you sharing back. This is us talking about the things we actually think about ( but no one says). This is about getting your groove back and feeling amazing and letting go of self limiting beliefs.

If I wasn’t me giving this workshop I would definitely want to attend!

So are you ready join and get your groove on?  I hope so.

This is the Art of Womanhood, and you my friend, are quite a woman.

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