What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is changing who you are to change what you do. It deals with a person’s inner being – values, core beliefs, identity, destiny – and helps brings about deep, lasting significant change. Clients often enter this process when they are in major life transitions ( read; pain) and have become aware of the need to reinvent themselves. 

Q. How are therapy and life coaching different?
A. Therapy – A therapist looks at the past to unravel patterns, bring healing and build healthier models for the present. Therapy is an important resource for dealing with past and present trauma as well as doing deep inner work to build better health.

Coach – A life coach is a facilitator for your strengths and empowers you to find the answers that will bring YOUR life to balance, success and fulfillment. A coach focuses on what’s possible NOW and in the future. Our only agenda is YOUR agenda. People aren’t compartmentalized. They are multi-faceted and dynamic, and our model allows us to work with whatever topic our client chooses. We are committed to the idea that people are magnificent, creative and whole. 

Q. How long do I need to work with a life coach to begin to experience change in my life?

A. More often than not, a client begins to experience change from the very first session. Exploring topics from a coaching perspective brings new vision which leads to new thoughts and actions. We recommend working with a coach for a minimum of three months to really achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

Q. How much life coaching do I need to achieve my goals?

A. Most typically, clients get life coaching for three to six months at a time. Some choose to continue way beyond that and get coaching for years.  Having a coach in your life is in invaluable resource for staying on track in your dreams and goals.

There’s a pattern that often shows up in coaching where the client experiences a “high” at the beginning and as things progress there is a “dip” somewhere between weeks 4 and 8. This is part of human nature. We crave all things new and most often don’t notice when steady growth is happening right before our eyes.   In order to best support your true growth, (not just a high,) we encourage you to commit initially to three months. This will help you stay the course and reach your potential.

Staying with the process is saying to yourself that your life matters. It’s worth it.