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Hi, I’m Rivka Malka, a passionate, colorful, totally imperfect mother of 8. I’m also a national speaker and educator. My blog is about authentically celebrating the Divine with every life experience. My passion is living life ALIVE and sharing that with others. We’re all on this journey together.

My Life Story So Far:

Family Photo

I was born in 1977 to an Orthodox Jewish family in Cleveland, Ohio, the 8th out of 9 kids. ( See the grin in the little green dress?) When I was a young teen our family expanded to include my Persian brother and Russian sister.  At 16, I attended Jewish Teachers Training College in Gateshead, England. In 1995, I got married to my dear husband Bezalel (also known as Sam) we moved to Israel where we lived for 4 years in complete simplicity. There we had our first three kids.

In 2001, we moved back to America to be involved in Jewish Outreach. We landed up in Baltimore, where we continue to raise our 8 kids in a vibrant Jewish community. For 14 years I was a stay at home mom.  During that time I home schooled for two years; the two favorite years of my life. My husband and I were active in the community, planning events and giving classes but mostly I was doing dishes and laundry!

– Pic below is from 2014

Rivka Malka Perlman Family

In 2007 everything changed when I nearly lost my life during the birth of my youngest child. After my recovery, I was like a new person. I had new eyes, a new mission and you could almost say, a new soul. New opportunities began to come my way.

In 2012 I volunteered for WOW a Jewish outreach program for Young Professionals and soon became the Director. I joined my brother Rabbi Benzion Klatzko, founder of Shabbat. com, in leading Akiva trips to Israel for college aged students, trips where we grew as much as the students that we led.

My work with WOW opened within me my life’s mission. My youngest was 3 and it was the first time that I spread my wings fully beyond my home. At that time I also started my blog. It was a small thing, but it took off in a surprising way. I found myself speaking to women of all different ages, religions and cultures.

Especially popular were my tichel videos and so in January, 2014, together with my husband, who conceived of the business and invited partners to join, we co-founded and opened Wrapunzel, a head wrapping website. Launching Wrapunzel was a roller coaster adventure.  The work I did there took me all around the world where I was moved by the rich spirituality of the women I encountered.

In 2015, I moved that love forward and trained as a Life Coach so I could help women reach their maximum magnificence. The deeper I go in my training, the deeper I believe that this is one of the greatest ways to serve people. The work is profound, intimate and effective. And the transformations I’ve witnessed are humbling. Feel free to set up a session and see for yourself:)

Right now I’m focused  on mothering – figuring out how to get three kids into college at once, growing through my challenges, coaching amazing women and connecting to all of you through this blog.



                                                                        The Real Me

The Real Me


-I’m terribly, wonderfully spontaneous and inconsistent.

-However, I eat the same thing for breakfast every day; rice cakes, peanut butter and raisins (or bananas.) You must try it! You’ll feel balanced and nourished for hours.

-I love dancing and have choreographed for years.  I can’t always get my teenagers to join my raves in the kitchen, but I don’t mind dancing solo.

-When I need a change I’ll stay up all night and paint the living room – or a canvas – or my boots.

-My painted boots have gotten more attention  than a 10 minute project ever deserves.

-I met my husband when I was just 13.Rm and BP

-No, it wasn’t an arranged marriage, ( what were you thinking?!) it was love at first site ( and then waiting a whole bunch of years to actually date.)

-I let my kids have mud fights. I actually like it when they do.

-My daughters are all musical, between them they sing, play harp, guitar and piano. Batya, the oldest is working on a cd. Y0u can hear her sing here.

-I’m horrible  at housework but wonderful at hosting.

-I love, love, love juicing. When I drink a freshly made juice I feel like blessings are coursing through my body.

-Best Recipe – 6 Carrots, 1 orange, 2 lemons, 4 celery. Heaven!  I was inspired by the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

– I’m a big advocate for dating after you’re married. I have a date with my husband every week.

-I have a vision of hosting a talk show that simultaneously inspires, entertains and raises money for charity.

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24 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Rivka Malka,
    I was wondering if you could write about having adopted siblings or Jewish families adopting children. I’m married and have been praying and hoping to have children for over 10 years now (although haven’t been married that long yet) but so far it hasn’t happened. I’m hoping to instead start fostering and adopt children when it becomes financially possible for us, however I know we are quite alone with that in our community. I would love to hear how it was for you growing up with adopted siblings.

    • Hi Chava, Thank you for your question. I can’t imagine how difficult this waiting has been for you. I admire your moving forward, even with the pain, to foster and take care of kids. They need it so badly.
      Although I wrote that we adopted kids, the technical word would be fostering as there was no legal process. Both of them were immigrates with living parents abroad ( who have since moved here) and although they are fully integrated in our family there was no need for adoption. I can however tell you that my experience with adoption in terms of friends families has been nothing but positive. The community is so happy for the family and celebrates their joy with them. It doesn’t mater if the baby was born Jewish or not ( although, if you don’t know who the biological parents are, its better to adopt non Jewish. This is because G-d forbid the child could grow up and end up unwittingly in an incestual relationship. Although the chances are slim, they exist.) The main thing to know is that there is always hope. Are you familiar with A-Time? This is an organization that helps with exactly this topic; financially and emotionally. I hope this answered your question. Sending yo lots of love, Rivka Malka http://www.atime.org/

  2. Hi Rivka Malka,

    I have heard the songs of your daughter Batya. I´m deeply moved and impressed.
    I hope to hear more of her!
    As someone who also likes to write songs and being 19 years I have a graet interest in your daughters work.
    Is it possible to get the lyrics of “Life lessons”? This song speaks right in my life.
    Thank you!


    • This is from my daughter:)
      Hi Aline! I’m so glad you reached out; I love hearing about other young songwriters, and I’m so honored that my song moved you. Below are the lyrics to Life Lessons. I would love to hear your music/songs if you have any you’d be willing to share. Wishing you all the best,

      Life Lessons

      V1: Clocks tick the hours whispering
      The present will be history
      Treasure life and love
      Use them well

      V2: I’ve got no time to waste
      On silly things and passing fashion
      Nothing will last
      More than a lifetime

      Chorus: Every breathe is a gift
      Every moment a memory
      Live with the beauty of this world
      Every sound is a note
      In the song of life
      Live with the beauty of this world

      V3: Don’t doubt your motivation
      Live life with inspiration
      Remember your dreams;
      Keep your will strong

      V4:Treasure the simple smiles
      Follow your inner child
      Forgive and forget
      And move on

      • Hi Batya, Thank you for answering and the lyrics! The song is so motivating. Great! I´m from Germany so my songs are in German. But if you are still interested I can share. And I´m just at the beginning – I haven´t recorded them. But wow I´m so honored by your interest! Wishing you all the best too, Aline

  3. BS”D
    Got a link to your blog re the potato burn treatment & my inveterate curiosity led me to read a bit more.
    You might like my “http://jacovsladder.weebly.com/” though it’s been a long time since I updated it. Also what I think is really great & that you’ll like, is the website of the kollel I’m in;
    emunahchannel.com . Hopefully I’ll get time to put some of my things there too soon.
    Rav Dror Moshe Cassouto is wonderful dynamic person. I love learning with him even though he’s less than 1/2 my age.

  4. Hello Miss Rivka! Great “about me” post :) PS I’m commenting because you said you’d love to host a talk show. Well you could be a guest on a talk show “Tenak Talk”! It’s on You Tube, hosted by William Hall, you can find the show on Facebook. I’m sure he would love to interview you (virtually), and it would be great to hear from a woman! The show is geared towards former/questioning Christians who want to become Noahides or Jews, but I think several listeners are Jewish too. The point is, I think you’d be a great guest on the show because most listeners are those of us seeking a deeper relationship with Hashem, and we are turning to the G-d of Israel and the Jewish people to show us how! I think you’d contribute a lot!

    • Hi Valerie, What an awesome idea! Thank you! People are amazing. I’m constantly astounded at the number and quality of true seekers that are out there. You blow me away. Thank you for telling me about this opportunity.

  5. Hi Rivka Malka,

    I have just come across you’re site its brilliant! Working my way through the blog posts. Was amazed to see you studied in my home town of Gateshead! And work near the Jewish community in Bensham. Please keep the blogs coming

    Regards Donna

    • HI Donna, I just realized that I never wrote back to you! I’m so sorry! It’s great to meet you. That is very cool to make a Gateshead connection. It just warms my heart. Regards and thanks for joining me here!

  6. For some reason I was unable to comment in Youtube, but I just watched your “Modesty & A Near Death Experience” and I wanted to say it was great and it really spoke to me! I am not tznius (or Jewish) but there were 2 points in there that really stuck out to me…. (1) I really liked your point when you said that “my tichel goes before me” and how it reminds both you and the world who you are. I am trying to figure out how to dress more intentionally… how can my dress show who I am? How can it uphold my dignity? and (2) Your point about G-d giving us laws out of love for us also really stood with me. I had never thought of that specifically in relation to modesty, but as a Catholic I am telling people all the time that we are given rules out of His love for us! (Try explaining chastity to someone raised completely non-religious in any way…) I never realized how much Judaism and Catholicism might have in common on these points, especially the second one.

    • Thank you for our insightful comment Lauren. You sound like someone who takes their spirituality very seriously – that’s a precious thing in this world. And yes! Look at that ! Look how many universal truths there are!

  7. Hello Rivka

    Wow!you are really AMAZING.I love listening your lessons on you tube.You help me discover a beauty of Jewish women ,wife and mother.

    You look beautiful, your voice is pleasant …You are such an inspiration.
    I am not a Jew.I am in the middle of giur process.Hopefully one day I would like to be similar to you.|
    <3 Thank you Paula <3<3<3

    • HI Paula, it’s great to meet you!May you have every blessing on your way to Yiddishkeit and may the road ahead be clear and wholesome. Love, RM

  8. Hello Rivka Malka,

    I am a “frum” mother of 6 and I have ADD (a little H lol). Searching for a video on how to cope with our own ADD/ADHD as adults, I couldn’t find anything and this could only mean one thing: so many adults suffer from ADD/ADHD but don’t even know it…as a frum jewish mother with a big family, it is especially a challenge (did I mention I also work full time?) If you could speak about this topic, I think you could really help and change people’s lives around…ADD/ADHD is the cause of so many problems including shalom bayit and divorces, addictions and low self esteem to name a few… I am 42 and was diagnosed only a few years ago and that day…I cried tears of releif … Tears of finally understanding why so many things turned out the way they did in my life and that I had this huge potential that was just waiting to come out if I got the help I needed…Keep up doing your amazing work!


    • Hi Cindy, Thank you for sharing this and for dong so honestly. I definitely hope to be speaking about this. The impact is HUGE. Thank you!

  9. Rivka Malka,
    Your videos are wonderful and I love reading your blog. I’ve tried to keep in mind the things that I have learned from them. We are entering a trying period in our family, my husband just told me at lunch today that he may lose his job. Not something that we can afford, but then again who can these days. We have two children in college and our youngest is in high school. NJ is a very expensive state to live in but I am trying to keep your words in my head and heart, trying in G-d to provide for us and show us the way and trying very hard to be understanding of my husband during this stressful time and not adding to it. Thank you for your videos they are truly very special.

    • HI Patti Ann, Its great to meet you. I can hear how worried you are about upcoming transitions. Sometimes I too wish that money wouldn’t play such an active role in our lives. Then the other day I realized that money is a vehicle. It gets us moving – moving to faith when we don’t have it and moving to actualize the gifts we need to bring to the world in order to get it. Whatever happens with your family I hope that this trial moves you in the way that you want it to. Your wanting to be connected to G-d through it is so precious.
      Love, Rivka Malka

  10. Hello Rivka Malka!
    My name is Jenger. I have two daughters 8 and 12. I have been listening to many of your videos on YouTube and find them quite helpful from life lessons to headwrapping (I am knew to the headwrapping). I have read some on your blog and feel a strange connection. I feel as though G-d has lead me to you. We were born in the same year ’77 and married the same year ’95. (I found this interesting). My oldest daughter also struggles with anxiety and depression. We help her by letting her express through music and art. She is becoming quite the artist! My youngest has such a kind and giving heart. I’m not sure why I feel lead to tell you all of this except the connection I mentoned, but thank you for your sweet smile online. Continue to let G-d lead you.

    • HI Jenger, WOW. That really is unusual ( and wow you got married young too!)
      It is so great to meet you and to hear about your life. Thank you for sharing with me and for sharing this blog with me, Love, Rivka Malka