Where Did My Zing Go? The Dying Art of Womanhood.

What happened to having fun?!

womanhood rivka malka

Have you ever asked yourself “Where did my zing go? “Why am I so tired –  dragging through the day and my responsibilities?”

You know what I mean – it’s when you joke about how old you are even though you’re not remotely old. And you say these jokes to make it okay that you feel so disconnected from your younger self.

When was the last time you  felt simply beautiful and worthy without the voice of the inner critic interfering?

Behind The Scenes at the Healing Retreat! ( Plus Pics)

rivkamalka rivka malka

“Welcome to Rivka Malka’s Dream, said Esther, as we sat by the bonfire on the first night of the Retreat. Over the next few days I repeated that line many, many times:
When I saw women with sketch books and watercolors sitting in clusters painting and talking; when I saw women coaching one another, healing, growing; when I saw women dancing, shaking off the stress and letting go completely – I knew I was seeing my dream.
When I planned this retreat I had visions. Visions of women in circles, visions of a Paint, Wine and Dance Party, visions of sharing my story and hearing stories and rewriting the script for a stronger, lighter future. And with the help of the Almighty these visions came true.
Day 1 – We set up in anticipation for the women’s arrival. Carefully we laid out the notebooks and paint like the first day of kindergarten where everything is brand new and brimming with possibilities. The table was a sea of Crayola yellow.
In the other corner I set up my jewelry line. Amidst artistic vases and bronze candles I debuted the colorful treasures I’ve been holding on to. This would be the first time women would see them – Would they like them? By the end of the first day every piece but two were gone. ( I will try to have more in by Chanuka.) It was just so seamless and wonderful.

Last Night I Begged For a Miracle.

The 2015 Challah Bake

The Spirit of Shabbos Rivka Malka

“If we love each other enough miracles will happen!” Last night at the enormous Challah Bake I witnessed a miracle.

I also begged for one.

“We need more miracles. Never before did the whole of the Jewish people know with the deepest of knowing that we need miracles! And it only comes when we stand together. We can’t do it alone!”

Watch this video from The Challah Bake last night and let’s do what it takes and make a miracle!!!!!

I Am a Jew and I Stand with Israel

speak out

I am a Jew and today I am coming out of hiding.

I am a Jew and today I pull off my garb of polite concern and reveal the heart that beats beneath. I am a Jew and today I will speak my truth.
In a world where everyone has an opinion and connection is often obscured by the sound of clashing voices I have always taken a stand. “Be a lover, not a fighter.” And though they may not phrase it exactly like that, many of my friends and fellow Jewish leaders choose the same.
We have sought to make an impact, spreading light – by teaching Torah in ways that people can hear it. Our goal is to offer truth and clarity so that we can improve the lives of our fellows. For me that meant an unspoken rule – stay away from politics. And if I’m really honest, what it meant was, don’t talk about Israel.
How can a Jew not talk about Israel? Why would someone in Jewish leadership leave out one of the most central components of Judasim? Why would I hold back from being honest about what is dear to me?
Why would I hold back from speaking out in the name of my people whose blood is being shed – when my own relative in Israel landed up in the hospital last week – she was eating lunch at a cafe when the stones were hurtled at her face.
Why? Because I was scared.

How Dressing Your Truth Changed My Life [Video]

FREE Beauty Course Giveaway! FUN!!

Rivka Malka Dressing Your Truth

If you’ve read my old blog posts and or you’ve seen my How to Dress Modest Bohemian video you know that Dressing Your Truth changed my life. In this video I tell you the WHOLE story.

 It transformed me. 

You know,everyone wants to look good. What if there was a way that you could know exactly what to buy, exactly what would look good on you, exactly which colors and fabrics would make your face glow and exactly how to find them?

That’ awesome, right?

When I was doing headwrapping work and traveling all around the US, I would watch faces light up as I dressed women in the colors most suited to their type. Sometimes the crowd would literally gasp in pleasure as I would choose the perfect scarf for each particular woman.

And I would always tell them “Ladies, go look up Dressing Your Truth. This is just the tip of the iceberg. You know how I know the perfect scarf for you?  Because I learned this fabulous information from Carol Tuttle.”

I would write Dressing Your Truth and Carol Tuttle on countless slips of paper. The pleasure that women got as being recognized for their own Beauty Type was priceless and I wanted them to have more of it.

If you don’t know your Beauty Type yet, today is your lucky day – Carol is offering her Online Beauty Profiling course for FREE for my readers. You’re going to have so much fun when you find out your Beauty Type. It’s liberating – awesomikating ( new word) and this cool, inside out journey of self discovery that gives you a whole new set of tools.

Just one thing  before you click on the video link –  I want to hear EVERYTHING! What Type of Beauty are you? Did it surprise you? How do you feel? This is so much fun! Just click below and you’ll find out!

A Succos Movie You Will Love!

(You can see it in this post)

Rivka Malka Ushpizin

It’s almost the end of the holiday of Succos and tonight we sat down to our annual Ushpizin movies. Ushpizin is a movie unlike any other that you’ve seen before.

Set in Jerusalem ( yes, its in Hebrew with subtitles but trust me, it’s worth it) its the story of a Hasidic childless penniless couple  full of humanity and overflowing with raw faith. The actors are actually Hasidim and the husband and wife portrayed are actually husband and wife. There are tons of cultural references but it all makes sense in a glorious way. ( And it’s a great authentic Jewish education!)

It’s hard to describe how escaped convicts and a fruit play a major role in the movie and how you find yourself crying and laughing all at once. It’s even harder to describe how clear all of life is after you see it. It’s like a heart explosion! All of the teachings that are woven into the movie are Breslov. So if you fall in love with it as I did and are curious about more, you can check out this Breslov blog. In the meantime settle in, for a totally guilt free movie night and when you’re done, share it with your friends!

Fight For Your Dreams – The Power of Choice

I Am A Fighter - How You Can Be Too

Fight For Your Dreams

Today I want to talk about FIGHT. FIGHT is what happens when you are FINISHED being a victim to circumstance. Fight is what I discovered just last week and it’s what I’m spreading like a fire breathing dragon.

Last week I had an encounter. I wish I could share the details but in the name of protection I can’t. Suffice it to say that this “casual” encounter was something that made me very uncomfortable. The person left and I stood there. A deep rumble came up from within me. “Noooo mooorrre!” it roared.

In a flash of clarity that was long overdue I realized what I needed to do. I saw my part in things. But more than that – in that exact moment I gave up all willingness to be a victim. On. Any. Level.

Read this post to find out how I got my FIGHT on and how you can too.