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  • Neshama Learns about Hope

    Neshama Learns about Hope

          Our eight year old Neshama is an angel. She’s playful, spiritual, insightful and a tomboy. She’s also dyslexic. This year has been beyond hard for her. Being left back in first grade means that the kids in her class are a year younger than her.  That’s hard. and even with that reading hasn’t gotten much easier for her. She has three weekly tutors (thank G-d they are all through special services!) [yay Jen Kaplan!] and she is […]

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  • What if I Don’t Believe in G-d?

    What if I Don’t Believe in G-d?

    I got to make this video with Ruthie Guggenheim. She is a no nonsense hero who has been chugging away sometimes single handedly at Jewish Education for decades. What an honor. Even though we’re sitting Talk Show style there’ s one thing different than a Talk Show. Well, actually there’s a lot – no band, no commercials  and no audience (but you!) The main thing that’s different though is that its completely unscripted. We were just both thinking of Amy […]

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  • Does Judaism Accept Converts? 2/2

    Does Judaism Accept Converts? 2/2

    I said so much in this video I hate to add anything more! Please feel free to ask questions or post comments:)

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  • Does Judaism Accept Converts?

    Does Judaism Accept Converts?

    This video is the beginning of a conversation that I’ve been having with people around the world. There’s a stirring for spirituality – and many people are asking about Judaism or are drawn to some Jewish practices. Here’s just a bit of education  about the topic. Part 2 will be posted soon (already recorded) so just hang tight if you have questions. Or, better idea, ask me your questions and we can have a Part 3.

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  • Grandma


        Today is my Grandma’s Yartzhiet ( anniversary of her death). In my earliest memories of Grandma, she already had early stage Alzheimers.  I loved her so much and still, I wonder about all the things I’ll never know. There is history and stories that would bring more of her to light, but  today, even though it’s barely a light sketch of the woman she was, I want to tell you my stories. The Grandma I was blessed to know. […]

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  • Purim Musings

    Purim Musings

        It’s Purim! The sun is fading and the day is quieting down. All the bustling on the streets has been moved indoors where family and friends are ending the day with a festive meal and spilling the joy deep into to the night long after Purim is officially over. Last year we had a pie fight. My husband was sick and I was hosting a young professionals party. What can I say, the party needed some amping up. […]

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  • Visit Tichel Central!

    Visit Tichel Central!

        After years of Tichel tying – I met my Tichel Sister Andrea Grinberg. Together we started a site where you can buy tichels, see tons of tutorials and be connected to women around the world! Click on it enter. You’re going to LOVE it!

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  • Boundaries


    Every time I make a video I have a freak attack that I just said something too strong, or too flaky, or just too…. something. This time was no different. But when I was decided to listen to it when it finally uploaded, my anxiety went away. In fact, I was listening to myself speak, hearing myself say words that I need to hear. It felt good.

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  • In Which I Quit My Job and Get a New One All At Once

    In Which I Quit My Job and Get a New One All At Once

        So you saw the video. So what more can I add. Life is an amazing roller coaster. One day I’m in Israel praying under the stars for clarity, the next week I’m in Baltimore wincing my eyes from the flash of light I receive.       To be honest, I’m still in shock. I feel like the guy who retires at 70 and can’t remember all the things he used to love. There’s a whole range of […]

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  • Touch – and It’s Magic

    Touch – and It’s Magic

        This post is about an extraordinary night. If this happened all the time I wouldn’t be writing about it. Like you, I’m generally in 6 places at once with barely enough time for basic life tasks. Please don’t get the wrong idea – I’m not mom of the year – I’m just really grateful. There are no pictures in this post. No pictures because what I’m sharing is such a sacred private moment with my children that I […]

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