How to Get Through Life

An excerpt from a yet unborn book

In our family, we only name a baby after we meet it. That’s when we know who they are. We look at them and they tell us. I’ve been writing a book on and off but the hardest part is the first chapter. That first chapter is so weighty. It… Read more »

Why I Love the Succulent Skills of Life Coaching

What got me into it, what I get out of it and what you can do with it.


Life Coaching is taking off. You know how therapy became the norm at some point? Where people realized that its a sign of good health to get the help that you need? Coaching is becoming like that too. People are realizing that they have only one life and they want to get the most out of it.

We want to be excellent. We want to be unblocked. We want to change. No one wants to a tombstone saying “She lived a mediocre live. In this video”

Live Stream – Polishing Candlesticks with My Mother

My mother (L) and Mother in Law

As part of Live Judaism I decided to film us polishing the Shabbos candlesticks, something which I do way too infrequently. The bonus was that I actually got around to polishing them! The double bonus was that I got to bring my mother into my world.

My mother is a lady; gentle , refined, clear, compassionate and fun. ( I don’t know how fun fits into Lady, but it works on her.) She’s also made an art out of homemaking and cooking ( and giving.)

I  on the other hand  am engaged in a never ending battle between seeing housework as the nemisis to my creativity and the knowledge that it’s a positive expression of love for my family. Either way, it doesn’t go away!

Enjoy this totally candid Live Stream – it gets a little crazy somewhere in the middle. You’ll begin to wonder if

Please Help Neshama Go to School

We are in the middle of a miracle.


Neshama our 9 year old daughter with severe Dyslexia is a child from a different dimension. In the last two years her pain has brought thousands of people to charity and healing.
I’ve written about her so many times that you may not even remember that there are 7 other munchkins who we’ve got to raise! This little lady just has a destiny that is meant to be shared.


Coming to you Live from the Sheraton!

Here’s the first episode ever of Kosher Reality TV! Coming to you live and unscripted from my hotel room in Virginia! As part of I’ll be live streaming videos of Jewish life, Perlman life and any other beautiful piece of authenticity I can offer you. So enough with the trailer, let’s get to the show! Click here to see the Live Stream.

Building Intimacy in Your Marriage

In this podcast we get deep into the things that are important to a woman. We explore the most important places to bring intimacy and incredible connection in our marriage.
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