Please Help Neshama Go to School

We are in the middle of a miracle.


Neshama our 9 year old daughter with severe Dyslexia is a child from a different dimension. In the last two years her pain has brought thousands of people to charity and healing.
I’ve written about her so many times that you may not even remember that there are 7 other munchkins who we’ve got to raise! This little lady just has a destiny that is meant to be shared.


Coming to you Live from the Sheraton!

Here’s the first episode ever of Kosher Reality TV! Coming to you live and unscripted from my hotel room in Virginia! As part of I’ll be live streaming videos of Jewish life, Perlman life and any other beautiful piece of authenticity I can offer you. So enough with the trailer, let’s get to the show! Click here to see the Live Stream.

Building Intimacy in Your Marriage

In this podcast we get deep into the things that are important to a woman. We explore the most important places to bring intimacy and incredible connection in our marriage.
Have fun! And don’t forget to comment below or if you’d prefer, send me a private message!
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How to Dress Modest Bohemian

Rivka Malka Modest Bohemian

I finally did it! I made you a video answering all the questions you’ve asked about how to dress Modest Bohemian. It’s totally stuffed with every bit of info I could think of from dresses to skirts, to jewelry and make-up. Plus some really good resources!!! I think this may turn out to be the my most popular video ever.

More Thoughts on Authenticity

Photot Credits : Hadassa Perlman

In-authenticity is a place where we don’t invite G-d. Instead we invite  fear of disappointing people and fear of change. I’ve been thinking about all the damage being inauthentic does – and the lives that a end up destroyed because of it. And the more I experience being authentic, the more I know this is true. Read here, and see if you can find yourself in this writing.

How to Check for Bugs When You Eat Romaine Lettuce and Other Vegi’s

Rivka Malka

  This is a video all about checking for bugs. Yes, you heard right! The Torah talks all about it. It was fun making this video for you, the hard part was finding an image! With this new blog all the feature images need to be large so I take… Read more »