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Let’s share some life together. Join me each week for Parsha with Passion. Its Parsha + Self Development meets Vlog. It’s totally honest and its just for you – the always growing woman.


If you want the women you serve to have a transformative experience, lets talk. You can find out about Workshops, Retreats and Speaking engagements here.

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…And I’ve learned from every one of them. Yup. That’s how we grow. And then we teach others.
This 3 part video course of effective simple tips is for Non Profit Leaders, Spiritual Entrepreneurs and anyone else who does marketing and recruiting. You are doing great things!!!!

About Me

About Me – The short version

Following a near death experience, I’m on a mission to help every woman discover G-d’s personal unconditional love for her.

My work as a Transformation Coach was born out of my own transformation – a time when I literally needed to decompose and become something new. Through this pain I received gifts that I always wanted but felt short of: Emunah, self love, boundaries, deep meaningful healthy friendships, forgiveness, an understanding of femininity, and a wellspring of joy.

It’s these gifts and more that are my pleasure to share and teach in my work with women.


Here are some perspectives that are central to me in the healing work.

Every experience is a healing opportunity in which Hashem/G-d is lovingly calling us to deepen our connection to ourselves and to Him. (Chovos Halelvavos)

We are in The Book of Life – Hashem/G-d is the Author and we are the heroes. In this complex and breathtaking book all the characters and events are designed to highlight and support our incredible mission and beauty. (Lubavitcher Rebbe)

Each of us has a mission and a light that would not exist in the world without us and never existed since the beginning of time. The discovery of this light is an important crossroads on our hero’s journey. (Arizal)

The work of our personal healing brings global healing. (Slonimer Rebbe)

Hashem/G-d, wants us to do the work of healing our hearts so we can be kinder to each other and repair our relationships. (Vayikra/Leviticus)

As we do this work, Hashem assists us in miraculous and bountiful ways. (Talmud)

I believe that Hashem has a love for each of us greater than we can possibly fathom and that as we come to love ourselves we become more and more available to receive His love. (Maharal)

Women’s healing work is critical. Women hold the key to repairing the heart of the universe and are the doorway to Redemption. (Talmud)

No matter where life has brought you, the truth of you is your wholeness, belovedness, choseness, magnificence, purity, and goodness. The discovery of these truths is the essence of the healing journey. You. Are. Awesome. (Mishna Pirkei Avos/Ethics of Our Fathers)

About Rivka Malka Perlman (the long version)

Rivka Malka Perlman is a Transformation Coach, National Speaker, and mother of eight who seeks to authentically celebrate the Divine with every life experience. As the eighth of nine children in the Klatzko family, Rivka Malka grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home that was open to people from all walks of life. This environment of kindness was her foundation and her main education. Her parents modeled service of Hashem/G-d, serving the community, and love of all of G-d’s creations.

Formally, she studied at Jewish Teachers Training College in Gateshead, England. Shortly afterward she married her husband, Bezalel, and moved to Israel where they welcomed their first three children into their lives. In 1999, Rivka Malka and her family moved back to America to be involved in Jewish Outreach. For fourteen years, they raised their eight children in the vibrant Jewish community of Baltimore. Although she and her husband were active in the community, planning events, and teaching classes, her main focus was taking care of the home and children.

When Rivka Malka endured a near-death experience during the birth of her youngest child, she felt a new sense of mission. In her recovery, she found a new awareness of G-d’s love and how this love heals, embraces, and informs every part of our experience of life. Rivka Malka set out on a journey to help others discover the beauty in this joyous take on life.

Beginning as a volunteer, she soon became the Director for WOW – a Jewish outreach program for young professionals and was soon co-leading Akiva trips to Israel for college-aged students. These leadership experiences allowed Rivka Malka to spread her wings far beyond her home. Together with her husband, she co-founded Wrapunzel (along with another partner), a head wrapping business, and began working with women from different backgrounds and seeking out new ways to leave a positive impact in the world.

Her popular growing YouTube channel and Facebook page connected her with women from all faiths and parts of life that were seeking an authentic, grounded, spiritual, approach. Her growing audience was a testimony to the greatness of women and their thirst to heal and grow.

With time, Rivka Malka went on her own healing journey. As she trained as a coach and was guided to mentors, she deepened her awareness of the need for self-love. As she likes to say “Self-love and G-d’s love are two sides of the same coin. We need both.” With gratitude to Hashem, she was led on a personal exploration of forgiveness, shame, pain, life mission, trauma, body image, marriage, relationships, and intimacy. All this compelled her to teach what she was learning.

Rivka Malka decided to found The Redemption Retreat, a 3-day experience of discovery, healing, and transformation for women around the country. After running Retreats for years, it became clear that more and more women desired to step into their own mission and gifts through coaching and healing. Together with her husband Bezalel, she founded Rivka Malka’s School of Coaching and Transformation, a one-of-a-kind immersive program which trains women in the art of compassionate and transformative coaching. The School opens twice a year for registration and has two tracks. One track for Self-Development and one for Coaching Certification.

Empowering women to both experience this healing and pass it on to others is a dream come true for Rivka Malka. She is grateful to be serving and supporting women as they rewrite their stories, heal their relationships, and discover their life mission.