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Trust G-d for what you need
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Let’s share some life together. Join me each week for Parsha with Passion. Its Parsha + Self Development meets Vlog. It’s totally honest and its just for you – the always growing woman.


If you want the women you serve to have a transformative experience, lets talk. You can find out about Workshops, Retreats and Speaking engagements here.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes

…And I’ve learned from every one of them. Yup. That’s how we grow. And then we teach others.
This 3 part video course of effective simple tips is for Non Profit Leaders, Spiritual Entrepreneurs and anyone else who does marketing and recruiting. You are doing great things!!!!

About Me

Following a near death experience, I’m on a mission to help every woman discover G-d’s unconditional love for her. (Including myself!)

My work as a Transformation Coach was born out of my own transformation – a time when I literally needed to decompose and become something new.  Through this pain I received gifts that I always wanted but always felt short of: Emunah, self love, boundaries, deep, meaningful healthy friendships,  forgiveness and a wellspring of joy.

I believe in Life and I believe in you.

I believe that every single thing that happens to us is a loving message from Hashem calling us back to ourselves and to Him.

I believe that each of us has a message that we carry to the world just by being who we are and that how we spread that message is less important than how we live it.


I believe that the work of our personal healing lights up the world.

I believe that change is possible.

I call it Redemption – and I want it for every single person I meet.

Find your own Redemption here.

About Rivka Malka Perlman (the long version)

Rivka Malka Perlman is a Transformation Coach, National Speaker and mother of eight who seeks to authentically celebrate the Divine with every life experience.
Born into an Orthodox Jewish family, Rivka Malka was the eighth of nine children. After studying at Jewish Teachers Training College in Gateshead, England, she married her husband, moved to Israel and welcomed their first three children into their lives.

In 2001, Rivka Malka and her family moved back to America to be involved in Jewish Outreach. For fourteen years, she raised their eight children in a vibrant Jewish community as a stay at home mother.

Although she was and her husband were active in the community, planning events and teaching classes, her main role was taking care of the home and children.

Everything changed when Rivka Malka endured a near death experience during the birth of her youngest child. After recovery, she found herself embracing a new appreciation for life, G-d’s love and her life’s mission. Rivka set out on a journey to help others discover the beauty in this joyous take on life.

Beginning as a volunteer, she soon became the Director for WOW-a Jewish outreach program for Young Professionals and was soon co-leading Akiva trips to Israel for college aged students. These life-changing experiences allowed Rivka to spread her wings far beyond her her home. As the co-founder of Wrapunzel, she began working with women from different backgrounds and seeking out new ways to leave a positive impact in the word.

Rivka Malka is educating and empowering women in ways she never thought possible. Through Transformation coaching, powerful live presentations, life changing retreats and educational videos, Rivka Malka guides spiritual women to a joyous place of pure fulfillment. These days you can find her working on The Redemption Retreat which has been the catalyst for transformation for women around the country. She is amazed at the miracles it has created and gives all the credit to the Almighty.

An outgrowth of the Retreats is her Coaching School – a one of a kind immersive program which aims to produce stellar quality female coaches. Learn More Here.