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Hello, Awesome Woman! 

I’m so glad you’re here! Below is my official “About Me” which you can have fun reading – but its actually not that much fun. 

You know what’s really fun? Getting to know you – for real. Getting to talk about how you manage the dual roles of being a dynamic woman and loving mother: Getting to explore topics you wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about on a park bench – but you really do want to talk about: Getting to admit how deliciously imperfect we are and how that’s okay and how we’re trying our best. And getting a chance to dream really big together and to get support in making those dreams happen. 

So let’s do that. After you read my “About Me” Get in touch with me and let’s have a real conversation about life-y stuff and you. 

Love, Rivka Malka

PS If you want to know the “real about me” I put some fun facts down at the bottom.

Who is Rivka Malka?


Rivka Malka Perlman is a Transformation/Life Mission Coach, National Speaker and mother of eight who authentically celebrates the Divine with every life experience.

Born into an Orthodox Jewish family, Rivka Malka was the eighth of nine children.  After studying at  Jewish Teachers Training College in Gateshead, England, she married her husband, moved to Israel and welcomed their first three children into their lives.

In 2001, Rivka Malka and her family moved back to America to be involved in Jewish Outreach. For fourteen years, she raised their eight children in a vibrant Jewish community as a stay at home mother. Although she was and her husband were active in the community, planning events and teaching classes, her main role was taking care of the home and children.

Everything changed when Rivka Malka endured a near death experience during the birth of her youngest child. After recovery, she found herself embracing a new appreciation for life, G-d’s love and her life’s mission. Rivka set out on a journey to help others discover the beauty in this joyous take on life.

Beginning as a volunteer, she soon became the Director for WOW-a Jewish outreach program for Young Professionals and was soon co-leading Akiva trips to Israel for college aged students. These life-changing experiences allowed Rivka to spread her wings far beyond her her home. As the co-founder of Wrapunzel, she began working with women from different backgrounds and seeking out new ways to leave a positive impact in the word.

Today, Rivka Malka is educating and empowering women in ways she never thought possible. Through transformation coaching, powerful live presentations, life-changing retreats and educational videos, Rivka Malka guides spiritual women to a joyous place of pure fulfillment.

Learn More about Rivka Malka’s speaking presentations here. 



 The Real Me

I’m a wonderful hostess but a horrible housekeeper. 

I eat the same thing for almost breakfast every day ; rice cakes, peanut butter and raisins ( or bananas.) You must try it! You’ll feel balanced and nourished for hours.

I love anything creative. I have to do many tricks and treats to slow myself down and keep balanced or I will stay up all night every night creating something. 

 I met my husband when I was just 13 – I married him a lot later though! We both come from big families and have a big family, thank G-d. 

I love, love, love juicing. Best Recipe – 6 Carrots, 1 orange, 2 lemons, 4 celery. Heaven! I was inspired by Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead  (you must watch it !)

I also love DYT – a system that helps you dress according to your energies and I tell everyone about it here. 

I am extremely chilled and extremely driven – go figure. 

I love the women that I coach. Like, really love them.

About Me