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What is a Geula Gathering?

A Geula Gathering is an women’s event of song and prayer expressing our yearning for Geula.

The very first Geula Gathering is taking place in cities ALL AROUND THE WORLD on
Feb 26 – כ”ב אדר .

Our Goal

To gather together in song and prayer to express our pure yearning that Hashem, our G-d, bring the Geula, The Final Redemption.

Our Message

We are ready! We are ready! We are ready! Ein od Milvado! There is nothing but You, Hashem! We only want You!

Our Path

Through the process of gathering in our creativity, combining song and prayer, we unite in one yearning.

Our Secret weapon

Hope. We follow in the footsteps of Miriam, who taught the women to handcraft tambourines – even in the midst of slavery! She had absolute belief in Hashem’s salvation.

The women are gathering!

It’s pretty simple. For thousands of years we have been yearning and now we are closer than ever. We can’t take much more. Geula is so close and it’s up to the women to help us cross the threshold. We are ushering in a new era of Geula. And this is just the beginning!

Join Ner Echad to unite with thousands of Jewish women at candle-lighting time each week. SIMPLE. AUTOMATED. POWERFUL.


We can do this!

“More than the gatherings themselves, it is the working together that will make the Geula possible.”

Here is what is happening:

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