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Get certified in Life Mission Coaching + Deepen Your own Life Mission

Life Mission Seminar

Get certified in Life Mission Coaching AND deepen your own Life Mission. You were born with a unique light. The more you understand your gift the more powerfully you can live into it. The Life Mission and Leadership Seminar will build your core identity, strengthen your personal mastery and introduce you to the story of who you were really meant to be.
Getting certified in Life Mission Coaching means that you will learn the skill of helping another decipher their Mission and live the truest version of themselves. This is an invaluable skill in mentorship and parenting.
As you learn about your Life Mission you will more clearly understand your role as leader in your life.



A 3 day Chock Full of Fun Intensive Seminar where you will:

  • Explore Your Life Story
  • Understand Your Life Mission
  • Uncover Your Primary Saboteurs and How to Work With Them
  • Meet Your Future Self
  • Cultivate an Inner Crew
  • Create a Values Map that Will Guide Your Life
  • Learn the Confrontation Style that is Most Effective for You
  • Take Massive Action
  • Strengthen Your Core Self
  • Relinquish Fear and Face Your Greatness

Why this training is for you

  • Because delving into your essence will give you what you truly want; to live out your purpose – to change someone‚Äôs life for the better – to shine your light no matter where you are or what comes your way.
  • You know yourself so well, yet there is an aching to know more. Deep down, you know that there is more you’re meant to be. You want to fulfill the great potential you were born for.
  • You are a student of life and woman on a mission. This training will bring out the leader in you.

What Will the

Training Be Like?

Like all Redemption events, this is an experiential, hands-on learning event – and it is fun!

Each piece of this material is taught in the front of the room, demo-ed and then given to the participant to practice.

The joy in mission work is that it is rich in self-discovery and empowerment. The partner work that you will be doing is directly related to your life story. The insights will be coming fast and furious and you string together the themes that run through your life and the great mission that Hashem has given you.

You will rewrite your story ( literally) and be held in your magnificence.

Life mission work is a treat for the soul and an important step in actualizing your leadership and happiness.

Can you Please Remind Me of The Details of This Course?


Date: Jan 14th-16th
Time: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Fee: $750 (option to pay in 2 monthly installments)
Cancelation Policy: Once you are registered, your spot is secured and your money cannot be refunded.
Note – This is a Training, not a Retreat. You will be responsible for your own food, lodging, and transportation. Generous drinks and Refreshments will be provided.

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