How to Have the Romance of a Lifetime

Build a Rock Solid Marriage

Fall In Love & Stay In Love

Many potentially great marriages get ruined because people simply do not know what marriage is and the 4 commitments that are required.

It is possible to stay completely and madly in love in your marriage for your entire life!
This course if for anyone who wants to be married, who is engaged, who is newly married, or who has been married for a long time. This course is for everyone!


How to Have the Romance of a Lifetime

Do you want to know one of the main secrets of keeping the spark alive in your marriage?

Like everything else your marriage must keep on growing, you must keep on working on it!

When you and your spouse become like ships in the night, each unto their own plans and agendas then your marriage tends fizzled out

However, by understanding and working on the 4 commitments, you will heal past hurts and realize that your spouse is the person G-d has specifically chosen for you to journey with for the benefit of your soul correction.

When we realize that the issues in our marriage are our own we are able to heal. The Creator put us with the exact right partner that will bring up our own issues so that we are able to heal.

As you acknowledge the unhealed parts of yourself, sooth them, and learn how to have a commitment to your own inner well being you develop one of the main things you need to have a health marriage.

When you do the work of healing you get closer and closer towards more trust, intimacy and availability to love and be loved.

It’s Time To Build The Romance of a Lifetime.


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What topics are covered? I’m glad you asked!

Session 1: Commitment to SELF
Session 2: Commitment to RELATIONSHIP
Session 3: Commitment to GIVING
Session 4: Commitment to MARRIAGE
Session 5: Intimacy – Perspectives & Advice
Session 6: A Woman to Woman Talk

About the presenter:

Rivka Malka Perlman is a Transformation Coach, National Speaker and mother of eight who seeks to authentically celebrate the Divine with every life experience. As a former co-founder of Wrapunzel, she began working with women from different backgrounds and seeking out new ways to leave a positive impact in the world. Now she accomplishes this through Transformation coaching, powerful live presentations, life-changing retreats and educational videos. Rivka Malka guides spiritual women to a joyous place of pure fulfillment. An outgrowth of the Retreats is her Coaching School – a one of a kind immersive program which aims to produce stellar quality female coaches.

Rivka Malka has helped me understand that growth and communication in marriage takes time, hard work and a whole lot of patience. This course empowers me to bring goodness to my marriage, allowing me to embrace all that comes my way.

Rivka Malka has helped me so much with my marriage. She has an incredible way of coaching me to find my inner self and to work to bring my better self to the marriage. She has also opened me up to my own strength and power as a woman in the relationship so that my husband and I can communicate effectively. I am indebted to a Rivka Malka for helping me and empowering me in my marriage. Thank you so much!
Dr Chaya Bina Samuels

Rivka Malka helped me to find my true self, my purpose and uncover my true passions again so I now focus on making myself happy instead of relying on my husband to meet all of my needs. Our marriage is now amazing! Rivka Malka is incredible, wise, powerful, insightful, caring, loving, honest, and the perfect person to be teaching this material.
Rachel H.