This is how my transformation began. My mission is to awaken women to their own journey of REDEMPTION.

I’ve spoken in the following locations:

Bnos Melachim 
The Shabbos Project

The Akiva Trip
Chicago Torah Network
Chanuka Telethon

Meor on Campus
The Chevra

Featured In:

My Near Death Experience Brought Me Back to Life

In 2007 Rivka Malka had a near death experience. After nearly losing her life she emerged a different person with a new found awareness of G-d’s love and the way He relates to us. In this powerful, uplifting talk she chronicles what was missing in her Judaism before this awareness and offers a completely new approach to a relationship to G-d. This very personal authentic account will light a fire in anyone yearning to feel more G-d in their lives. It has resonated with thousands of people from Jerusalem to South Africa to the USA.

Here is what your audience will learn:

  • The greatest mistake we make in our Judaism.
  • The power of prayer.
  • A new way of relating to G-d.
  • A practical, life changing way of relating to people.
  • How to access the love that is always there.
  • The meaning of authentic self worth.

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I am excited to make YOUR event one where people are uplifted inspired and happy.
The overarching goal is to evoke deep transformation and healing in our relationships with self, with other and with G-d.
My favorite way to present is to offer both a workshop and talk. The talks are to inspire, educate and uplift. The corresponding workshops are interactive and deep and allow the group to engage in real inner work with the issues we’ve spoken about.
Whether it be forgiveness, G-d’s love, marriage or femininity – all roads lead home – to a closer relationship with G-d. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me. The topics above are a sampling and I’d love to talk to you about your group’s specific needs.

Wishing you every blessing,
Rivka Malka