Redemption Live!

What is Redemption LIVE? Redemption LIVE is a weekly online video-call that brings you growth-oriented, self-development, inspirational, informational content.

This is a vibrant personal community of women growing together in a real time, in an authentic, awesome space. I believe that this is the BEST way to support women everywhere around the world on their journey.

Coming together  is an incredible experience and the growth you will experience is exponential. There is so much good content out there. Whats different about this? 1. The Topics 2. A Personal Community 3. Powerful Female Teachers and Coaches. 4 You Matter.

Topics Include:

Marital Intimacy with Rachel Welfeld
Recovering from Trauma and Codependence with Sylky Resnicoff
Emuna when it Hurts with Miriam Baver
Healing Through Gratitude with Zippora Gordon
Marriage, Motherhood and Femininity
Making the Holidays More Meaningful
Soul Missions and Tanya with Fally Klein
The Power of the Jewish Home
Natural Health & the Mind-Body Connection with Dr. Chaya Bina Samuels
Jewish Way with Olga Gilburd
Letting Go with Radical Forgiveness
Parenting the Difficult Child
Your Man’s Mind
Loving Yourself and Receiving Hashem’s Love
Happiness the
Empathy for Empaths
Achieving Your Best Health with MindiMeira Blaxberg
The Feminine Side of Davening
The Feminine Perspective on the Parasha
Listening for the Magnificence in Others
So Many More Topics!!!
Learn from your favorite RETREAT COACHES Tzipora Harris, Hudy Abrams, RT Shwebel Mommy Klatzko, myself and others!

Be inspired by INTERVIEWS with Real Women finding personal redemption amidst illness, crisis, financial hardship, heartbreak, conversion, struggle and more

LIVE [email protected] with Rebbetzins, Authors, Mothers, Businesswomen, Life Coaches

I’ll also be doing Live Coaching for in the moment, real, transformative experiences for women on the call.