Redemption Live!

What is Redemption LIVE?

Redemption LIVE is pioneering platform that invited growth oriented women from around the world to coach each other through a guided process of self discovery.

How does it work?

Redemption LIVE is a bi-weekly online video-call group coaching experience. The call is led by Rivka Malka and has a focused topic each week. Each call includes live transformational coaching of the participants and group coaching as the participants are guided on how to coach one another.

Topics include

  • personal growth
  • marriage
  • weight
  • self discipline
  • spirituality
  • boundaries
  • intimacy
  • faith

This is a vibrant personal community of women growing together in a real time, in an authentic, awesome space. I believe that this is the BEST way to support women everywhere around the world on their journey.
Coming together is an incredible experience and the growth you will experience is exponential.

Whats different about this? EVERYTHING

  1. This is not a classroom. This is a space of authentic growth where you have a voice. On Redemption LIVE you will have the chance, every week, to share your experiences, your pain, your dreams. We are talking about what’s real to you.
  2. Community. This is a vibrant personal community of women growing together in a real time, in an authentic, awesome space. Women long to connect in a deep and meaningful way. We feel intuitively that there can be more to our friendships. Yes. There can be.
  3. Authenticity. Many women have said “Where I come from, people don’t talk like this. We never really share. I love this!” Being part of a community that cuts through the superficial is a breathe of fresh air.
  4. Real Work. Everyone would love to get one on one coaching. But it’s not always possible. Redemption LIVE offers you the chance to do real work for barely a cost. It is a generous gift for your heart.
  5. Learn some rock solid coaching skills. Coaching skills are the foundation for communication. What you will learn in Redemption LIVE will affect all your relationships as you learn to communicate in an expansive, curious, nuanced and supportive way. You will walk away changed.

    A note from Rivka Malka I truly hope you join Redemption LIVE.

    As I was creating this format I did a lot of thinking and experimenting. I ran group coaching, brought in teachers, led workshops and taught crash courses. Throughout it all I was listening and watching; what was most impactful.

    What is it that women really want?
    How can I be the most helpful?
    And this is what I came up with.
    Women want a REAL experience.

    We want to hear another women’s heart and to have our heart heard as well. We want a safe place to share – to be seen for who we really are. We want a magical space outside of our daily life where everything stops and we speak about what matters. We want to hear another’s struggles, know we are not alone, learn from them and encourage them. These are my dreams for you. I hope you will join me in making them come true.