Redemption Retreat FAQ

Redemption Retreat FAQ

Q. Can you really help me find my Life Mission on a 3 Day Retreat? 

A. The short answer is YES. With G-d’s loving help I do believe that this retreat can give you the answers that you are looking for.

It’s not a guarantee, but we invite G-d’s presence to journey with us in these 3 days. Its not just 3 days of vacation or 3 days away. Its an open elevated space where G-d  can speak to to us through nature, through friends, through art. through quiet, through relaxation, through workshops and we listen.

Q. What age is The Redemption Retreat for? 

A. The Retreat is for ages 18 – 120. The inner work and deep connections we make transcend factors like ages. We find that having women in different life stages makes for a rich and varied experience.

Q. Is this a religious thing? What if I’m not religious? 

A. Everyone is welcome – we need ALL kinds of people to make a Retreat awesome. Our message is rooted in Jewish spirituality and is open to seekers regardless of their level of Jewish observance. Many women came worried that they would be uncomfortable and were pleasantly surprised to find themselves right at home. 

This is for all kinds of Jews – we connect at the soul level. The wider the spectrum the better because we want to create a space of authenticity and that means we see each other for who we are. Its so exciting to give people the chance to look past labels and be  just one soul appreciating another soul and learning from them.

There is no agenda here of making anyone more religious there is an agenda of connecting everyone deeper to their soul.

Q. What happens after the Retreat? Is there any follow up? 

A. YES! You become part of the Redemption Retreat community – A group of authentically growing empowered women. You’ll have the option of joining the whatsapp group or fb group to continue the rich dialogue and new friendships. You’ll also be invited to group coaching calls and special classes offered to Retreat members for free or at a discount. 

Q. When is the next Retreat? 

A. There are many pending dates in the works for upcoming Retreats. These will be posted as details are confirmed. 

Q. What if I want a private Retreat for my organization? 

A. Contact Rivka Malka and we can work out an awesome healing experience for the women that you serve. 




Redemption Retreat FAQ


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Redemption Retreat FAQ