Redemption Retreat
Redemption Retreat

What is the Redemption Retreat?

The Redemption Retreat is an intense, fun and affirming experience designed for the passionate, 

growth oriented woman to discover and clarify her Life Mission! It’s an adventure of self discovery and healing. 

It is a supercharged, experiential program designed to take women to uncharted territory and reveal the gifts within.  

When and Where Are the Next Retreats?

Who Is This Retreat For?

Redemption Retreat
Redemption Retreat
Redemption Retreat
Redemption Retreat

Ideas tug at us, family needs us, fear beckons us, but deepest of all is the question:
Who am I?
What is my Life Mission? What I meant to be doing next?
If you knew these answers you would be good to go. You could let go of conflict and move forward with clarity and energy.
The good news is that these answers are closer than you think. They are within you, impatiently waiting for you to listen.

What are the Goals of The Retreat?
1. For you to be able to articulate and celebrate your Life Mission.
2. To uncover the themes and stories that make up your life and understand how they can serve your Life Mission.
3. To guide you on a Healing Journey so you can grow more deeply into the woman you were meant to be.
4. To explore your specific gift and how it can serve your business, job and family.

It’s an intense journey and the destination is gorgeous.

Redemption Retreat

Meet The Team

The Redemption Retreat is led by Rivka Malka along with a core group of leaders and facilitators. Our traveling group also collaborates with local healers and coaches. 

( As pictured) 

 Tziporah Harris – Founder of The Clarity Seminar and Spiritual Leader.

Rivka Malka Perlman  – Spiritual Teacher and Transformation Coach.

Hudy Abrams – Life Mission Coach and Rebbitzen. 

Yoni Schlussel – ( pictured but not currently with the Re teat)

RT Schwebel – Acceptance Coach with Your Infinite Life coaching company. ( Not pictured) 

We also welcome various guest coaches on each Retreat. 


The Retreat was such a breath of fresh air, it was so safe, trusting, and inspiring that I was able to reach deep inside and uncover the authentic me. Now that I have gotten in touch with and am expressing my true beautiful self, I have uncovered storehouses of energy!  Now that I don’t spend so much energy trying to be what I’m not, I have energy and patience and space for others like never before !!!
                                                              Zippora – Pittburgh, PA

“WOW! Oh my! My heart is oh so full! It’s bursting and spilling over! I’m free after all- And it feels so good! Where do I start? I’m no caterpillar anymore!  I can fly and soar. I’m not sure if there’s enough space and time for all the heights and dreams I want to accomplish . How did I ever squish all this passion and desire under a silly guise of -I’m just not the type?”

                                                                            Tila – Boro Park, NY

Redemption Retreat
Redemption Retreat
Redemption Retreat
Redemption Retreat

The Destination

 A room  full of women brimming with clarity and purpose, shining with the appreciation of one another and themselves, energized to take the next steps to offer their gift to the world!

Prepare to laugh and cry! Leave your inhibitions at home and get ready to dive deep into new friendships and conversations. .
Through growth oriented workshops, lots of art, bold creativity and the song of nature you will you uncover and delight in revelation and clarity.

What you need : To find out what your exact gifts are so you can use them to change the world.

What you’ll get: A rejuvenating, exhilarating, emotionally liberating, creatively stimulating, soul singing, gut wrenching experience of discovering your Life Purpose.

PLUS  – A community of REAL  relationships that last far beyond the Retreat.

You’ll learn:
About yourself and who you are at the core level.
What your unique contribution to the Universe is.
How to apply your Gift for success in your daily interactions.
What is missing in your business or home life leadership model and how to fix it.
The story behind the story in the tale of your life.
How to use that story to affect others.

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A Letter From a Redemption Participant

” I never in my entire life felt so whole and happy as I do now!!! 

I can still feel YOUR HUG you gave me when I cried! That was the first time ever that I felt safe to tell EVERYTHING to anyone! I got such clarity about what I want and what was bothering me till now. Its going to be a process with me staying on track and not allowing anyone to stop my dreams-but I know I am capable and will try to continue to believe so and stay unstoppable.

The DANCING was a eye opener! I never knew I could dance, I never let myself just be and not care what I look like and just enjoy the moment.
The NATURE WALK was something to remember! I walked around and just sang by the lake and heard the birds chirping around me! Serenity and piece!

The CIRCLE GROUP today was tailor made for each individual! It felt so holy and bonding (next time ill be ready for a bit more of a challenge than just singing my qualities?)

The MORNING PRAYERS were uplifting and inspiring to see everyone bond with connection and energy all praying to one god for a common goal: love and connection! In unity! For me it was right in front of my face and the prayer was for the future!

YOU gave me back belief in humanity! You showed me that somewhere there are people who love you for who you are and no matter what you look like or what there belief is.

The WOMEN empowered me with there strengths and encouragement!
The diversity of the group was just a proof of that because you were literally able to see the Divine on every face!  The love was radiating through them!
Please can you make another retreat really soon? We all need this to survive! Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!!”