Elul! Episode 10 – Back to School


School is almost here. And we wonder sometimes, “How can we do it all?” How can we prepare for the High Holidays, buy all the school supplies, get the kid’s school clothes organized and be spiritually ready for Rosh Hashana. It seems so daunting.

I know, I’m running around, making lists and doing errands and generally feeling like there are more things to do then fit in the day. Even if you’re not in school; autumn is coming and the spirit  of transition is in the air.

And I realized, just today, that all is as it should be. This order, this timing, is exactly perfect.

I may want to be in a freeze frame –

free from responsibilities, to learn and read and meditate and grow. But that’s not what I need. Real life is where the growth is. Waking up every day, this month and every month and infusing all our actions with kindness and purpose.

School starts in a week for my kids and when I saw this video, I remembered teachers. Teachers don’t just show up and teach, they’ve been preparing all during the summer for thier class, tlka bout dedication!

Teachers are so incredible, what action can I take to show my appreciation this Elul?

Who else in your life can use a note or a call?




  1. Cassie says:

    We have homeschooled for the last couple years and Wednesday will be the first day of public school for 2 of my 3. I loved school as a kid and it was because of the teachers. I can only hope that my kids get ones perfectly suited for their quirks.

    I know I feel overwhelemed with the task of getting things ready for the start of the year and I don’t even have major events drawing nearer. How do you keep your head about you!?

  2. Jaimie says:

    Speaking as a teacher (albeit former), I think that teachers need validation – just like kids! They need to know that all the blood, sweat and tears (of which there are many) that they put into their jobs are noticed and appreciated. Sadly, many teachers are used to only getting complaints about what they do. Something as simple as a heartfelt thank you/note of encouragement could go a loooong way in helping that teacher remember the good, even on the really tough days.

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