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I feel a little silly putting this up because its not my prettiest tichel and also because its in a bathroom! I’m trying to answer that question that I get all the time about tichels for weddings. Really folks, it’s YOU who’s beautiful. The tichel just lets that shine through. Add some sparkle, a ribbon or flower and that’s all you need. I’m really looking forward to selling a nice collection of those sparkly additions in my upcoming store!



  1. Sabrina says:

    Great video! It’s nice to see how you can “dress up” a tichel/tichels for a wedding or other formal event!

  2. Lillie says:

    Loved this one! But I have a question…having so many layers on your head, does it or did it ewer feel heavy? do you get headaches? Just curious. :)

  3. Jennifer Simmons says:

    I noticed yesterday in your elul post that you were dressed up! I love the way you are not afraid to post, even if you are in a bathroom. Mazel tov to the bride and groom :)

  4. chaviva says:

    I’m with Jennifer! Not afraid to make a video in a bathroom! It was so cute. :) Thank you for showing us how you tied your tichel.
    Am I assuming correctly- it looked like a pashmina type? Thank you and Shalom!

  5. Andrea says:

    Hehehe this is adorable and awesome! And it’s great to see you actually tie a tichel on yourself. Mazal tov and yay for wedding tichels!

  6. Lisa Eggers says:

    How cute are you doing a tichel video in the ladies’? I agree, earrings really bring the look home. You gals really do look dignified and gorgeous in those multiple tichels. It’s definately worth kicking it up a notch with an extra tichel or two. Most of them are so thin and lightweight, you could do quite a few without it feeling too bulky. I live near a large orthodox community, and I see a lot of mamas at the library in just one tichel. But that multiple tichel look is so POW! Maybe one day I should just casually leave the Rivka Malka website open for them to find ;)

  7. Elaine says:

    SO CREATIVE! I always wondered how you make such beautiful tichels! I’ll remember your quote “Everything’s a tichel!” ;-)

  8. chaviva says:

    I know you won’t be able to answer this now, but I’m in an earlier time zone, and it’s not Shabbat yet. But when you get a chance, could you please show us “plus size” girls what styles of tichels look best on our round faces? Very thin ladies can wear anything, but with a round face, I don’t want to look like a “moon pie”! LOL. I also don’t quite grasp air, water, fire, etc. I don’t know which one I am. I’m very fair, freckled with light brown hair…. Shana Tova and I look forward to your answer after Rosh HaShana!
    Thank you so much Rivka! :)

    • Jennifer Simmons says:

      I’m noticing the same thing about tichels on me, or has for that matter. I’ve noticed that when the tichel is flat on the top of my head, I have the “moon face”. I don’t like this at all. But when I do Rivka’s trick of piling some “ribbons” on the top, it adds depth, it adds color, and in general it balances out my appearance.

      Shana Tova!

    • RivkaMalka says:

      Hi Chaviva, On youtube I have some videos os sheri’s wedding. Sheri has since been wearing tichels for about a month and she looks amazing! Her look is like this;
      A small snood, the type you would wear under a hat
      Then a tichel folded into a ribbon shape ( thin material) wound around her head like and then twisted back again. So the first winding is just a ribbon, then after she knots it she twists the end into pretty ropes and ties them around again. The difference between what looks good on her and what looks good on me is that she uses that tichel around her forehead, like where you would put a crown on a king vs on the top of her head like I do. Ill be making a video of her soon. G-d willing

  9. chaviva says:

    PS Rivka- the time that it shows I’m posting is not correct… just so you know- thanks.

  10. Jennifer Simmons says:

    That should read “hats for that matter”

    And I really like the name Chaviva. Very beautiful.

  11. chaviva says:

    Shalom Jennifer Simmons. Hope you had a wonderful Rosh haShana, and thank you for the nice things you said! :)

  12. chaviva says:

    Chag Sameach Sukkot to everyone, and to you, Rivka, and your family!

    Thank you for your answer. I know it’s a VERY busy time for everyone. I look forward to your videos for different faces, after all the holidays are over and things aren’t quite so busy for you. I will go back and watch the video of your friend’s tichel- tying. I saw a young married woman the other day. I “almost” asked her if she watched your videos, because her tichel had that “Rivka” look to it, it was very becoming. :)
    I hope you are having a beautiful holiday season and as always, thank you for taking time out to respond to my question. As always, you are so gracious!
    Shalom Shalom,

  13. Melanie says:

    HI I am a 17 year old Christian girl I believe in Jesus but I love Jews. G-d has given me such a love fore the Jew. And also I love the way married women cover their hair. Every time I watch one of your videos I always try to do it myself. lol, even though I am not married. I know that Christian women don’t always dress modest but I try my best to do so and save myself for my husband. And also Christianity also is a relation ship with G-d. I don’t like it either when people say that my faith is just a religion. I have ben praying that Hamesh would bless your family with shalom. I know that many Jews would not be open to this, a girl who believes in Jesus… Absurd! But I pray that you would see that I only want to say thank you and may G-d bless you and keep you
    Shalom ,Melanie

  14. Em says:

    Hi I understand you sell the volumizer? How can I buy one from you thank you. Em

  15. Ellen Hope Center says:

    I want to thank you for the tichel in the wedding video. The first time I wore a tichel to a wedding it was a very fancy wedding and I was somewhat anxcious. while dressing for the wedding, I kept looking at the wig, and looking at my series of tichels and then I said to myself, Ellen Hope You can do this. I was very nervous as this wedding was a very very fancy wedding and I did not know if I could do this. Then I remembered that a neighbor was going to this wedding and she had the custom to cover her hair after marriage. I figured if no one would say anything to her, they would not say anything to me. again, thank you for doing these videos. Ellen Hope

  16. Ellen Hope Center says:

    Dear Rivka Malka, It is somewhat easier now. The wedding that I “came out” at was a very big fancy wedding and not one that will be duplicated soon. I wore a red and pink scarf duo to a recent small wedding in my neighborhood. It was all right. I am still learning how to tie. I still think it takes me a lot of time before shabbat but I still keep trying and tieing lol. Thanks for your help and leadership, Ellen Hope

  17. Jacquelyn Anne Howard says:

    I am a Jew in training, what I mean by that is my family and I are considering converting to a Jewish way of life.. I have a deep longing to be more modest and feminine, my husband likes me to dress…. lets just say he got me a tight red mini dress for my birthday. how do I go about transforming myself and him for that matter with out hurting too many feelings. thanks

    • RivkaMalka says:

      Hi Jacquelyn, I apologize about my lack of response to your question. I haven’t been on my blog for a long time and I didn’t realize that this comment was pending. Please forgive any hard feeling, your question is such an important one for so many people.
      I’ll give you my perspective and of course you need to do what works for your life space. Marriage is such a tender thing and each realationship is different. There are always two ways to approach things: from the outside in and from the inside out. What I mean is – sometimes doing the action – like buying your wife flowers (an outside in action) can affect your feelings and warm you up so that you get into the ideal headspace. When is comes to religion though, and in specific to conversion, the best way is inside out.
      There are many things about each religion that are appealing from the outside: the community, the gatherings, the values, the sense of belonging – and therefore in order to facilitate real analysis of such a huge decision its best to work inside out, slowly gathering information, asking questions, deepening commitments. There is outside action associated with this process but as tempting as it is its best to lay low on those actions bc it canbe jumping the gu.
      For example I know many people who gt inspired to start covering their hair etc only to stop a few months later.
      There’s something else in what you’re saying though: I hear you saying that YOU (not only because of Judaism) want to be more modest – in which case its uncomfortable to be wearing a tight red dress. How do you manage this in your marriage?
      This takes a lot of womanly Binah (intuition and wisdom.) The goal is for your husband to hear your needs and for him to not feel threatened by it. The goal is also for you to continue to be his number one exciting woman to look at and not to sacrifice that.
      In my experience, if a woman makes changes slowly and tells her husband how she feels about it – while at the same time not putting down his position (perceived needs or desires) she can create great change in her house. At the heart of it modestly is more natural to a woman than a skimpy dress. We want to feel whole to be truly seen and honored and we know that in a little dress what’s being honored is our body, not us.
      The rick is to help him to see that – apart from Judaism (which is when it gets threatening) and slowly he will come to be proud of the modest and graceful woman he stands next to.
      All this s different at home. At home – for is eyes – go crazy – be that woman and more. That is where it is holy. Thanks so much for your question – wishing you every blessing, Rivka Malka

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