Where Did My Zing Go? The Dying Art of Womanhood.

Where Did My Zing Go? The Dying Art of Womanhood.

Have you ever asked yourself “Where did my zing go? “Why am I so tired –  dragging through the day and my responsibilities?”

You know what I mean – it’s when you joke about how old you are even though you’re not remotely old. And you say these jokes to make it okay that you feel so disconnected from your younger self.

When was the last time you  felt simply beautiful and worthy without the voice of the inner critic interfering?

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How to Help Your Teen Who is Going Through Depression and Anxiety

How to Help Your Teen Who is Going Through Depression and Anxiety

Depression affects everyone. When you are a parent of a child with depression you are actually also a case manager for a house full of people who are struggling. This is not your fault. This is not your child’s fault.

In this video Minky shares honestly telling parents – from her front row seat in the drama of depression, what kids need. We were prompted to make this video by the rising number of young teens who are struggling. At age 12, 13, 14 they are feeling lost and confused.

And their parents are often just as confused.

Compounding the confusion is the secrecy and shame and almost always, conflict with religion. When you feel like you don’t fit on the inside you stop trying to fit in on the outside. Sometimes it seems like there is no place left for these girls.

But navigating depression is like swimming through dirty water with clouded goggles. Nothing is clear. There is no path. It’s just you and the elements. You and your child. The two of you and G-d.

I offer here my own contribution to Minky’s stunning words.To see the video..

What about single women? Do they Matter?

What about single women? Do they Matter?

Coming up next week on Jan 4 is the Art of Womanhood Workshop. The workshop click here

has had a great response. But one woman was NOT so happy. This is a message that I received on Friday … and this is the answer:

Hi RM! Sorry to bother you erev yontif, but after watching your YouTube video about the women’s conference I found myself grumbling internally. I have an issue which I have brought up to Rabbis and teachers alike, many times over. 
There are countless places out there that strive to help Jewish wives and mothers be the very best Jewish wives and mothers they can be, but there is so very little out there for those of us already struggling with singlehood. No one teaches us in HS or seminary how to be a great Jewish woman sans husband or children.
We are all taught that the role of a Jewish woman is defined by the home that she builds… and I believe in that paradigm one hundred percent. But what happens when G-d doesn’t bless us with the gifts we dream of? What and who are we supposed to be?? I am not bitter and angry, but I am admittedly frustrated….


[TODAY] Join the Fun!!

[TODAY] Join the Fun!!

Hi Everyone, I’m writing to you from Monsey, New York where I have butterflies in my stomach from what is about to happen!

In three hours I will be hosting a live telethon with my dear brother Benzion Klaztzko, founder of Shabbat.com! We’ll be having musicians, games, inspirational speakers and Menorah lighting  – all day long!

Here’s the info and link to tune in. TODAY, Dec 6 12:0opm- 10:00pm on LIVEJUDAISM.COM

Watch the videos below to get a taste of what’s about to happen!

PS Late breaking news! Our telethon is taking off! TORAHANYTIME.COM is streaming us!!!

PPS Late, late breaking news!!!! HIDABROOT Israel is also carrying our show!!!

PPS My stomach is settling down! Clearly G-d is loving this idea!!! Woo Hoo!

Leave me a comment below and let me know if you’ll be tuning in!!

http://www.shabbat.com/homeClick on Read More to watch the videos!