By Rivka Perlman

January 20, 2015

Good Bye Wrapunzel



Last night was Good Bye Wrapunzel night. Its a huge change but we are sure that ¬†this will be the beginning of something incredible I can’t explain it in more profound terms, we just KNOW that despite the loss, everything is going to be amazing.

In preparation for this new stage we’ve been fixing up our house. All those places (like our torn couches) that we had ignored while we were breathlessly busy were suddenly staring up at us with pitiful eyes; “Fix me, take care of me, make me a home again.”

Sorting through our books
Sorting through our books

Anyway, its been a long time in coming and it’s been a ¬†powerful cleansing process. ¬†You may not know this, but Wrapunzel ran out of my daughters old bedroom. We painted it and put up shelves to accommodate the tichels ¬†but it wasn’t long before the shelves spilled out of the room and lined our hallways. It was a little crazy! LOTS of tichels!

Now that a new era is here I feel a yearning to reclaim my space – to lavish my rooms with love and attention so that they’ll hug us and hold us while we finally take some time to breathe. Its our way of making a vessel for G_d to send blessings – bring it on! ( Plus ¬†– no more playing with tichels all day so home decorating is a wonderful art form as a replacement!)

My new writing space. ( previously the Wrapunzel room)
My new writing space. ( previously the Wrapunzel room)

I look forward to more blogging and getting to share more of our life with you with all this freed up time!

Love, Rivka Malka

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