By Rivka Perlman

May 8, 2015

What I Wear to the Gym

After I posted the video “How to Dress Modest Bohemian” a lot people asked me to show them what I wear to the gym. So here it is:Rivka Malka modest clothing

A very light (probably polyester) skirt

Soft easy Yoga pants

A long sleeve sportswear top. (Also soft, just a bit of Lycra)

Here’s a super corny picture that I took just for you. Note the sleepy eyes ( 7:30 am) and the lack of make up (free to get sweaty. And we are off!

Rivka Malka


You’ll see that my sneakers didn’t make it into the picture. That’s because my son said they looked awful. He’s right! Everything else is nice and new but my sneakers have gone on camping trips and been rained on and are pretty grungy. I thought it was pretty observant of him to notice that. And you know what it made me realize. I realized that I don’t quite believe that I’m going to keep up this up. It’s like I don’t want to invest in myself. Even though I did buy the shirt and pants, sneakers are like a whole purchase, you know? I’ve had different era’s of getting into shape and I’m not sure if this is an era or a fad. I’m hoping for an era ( and dreaming that it’s a lifetime!)

Rivka Malka rivkamalka

Q. Do you cover your hair during your workout?

A. Yes.

Q. Does your tichel fall off?

A. No, I wear a no slip headband underneath it.

My favorite tip is this – Bring your headband into the the shower with you and wash it after your workout. This way it always stays fresh. I have a few headbands but on a hot day instead of switching to a new one I like to wear the wet one under my tichel. It keeps me cool.

Q. Do people look at you like you’re weird?

A. I don’t know, I’m busy staring at the mile marker on the treadmill willing it to move faster.

Q. Aren’t you hot?

A. Yes. I think  you’re supposed to get hot during a workout – I might get hot a few minutes earlier, I’m not sure.

Q. So when are you getting new sneakers??

A. Hmm, maybe when I keep this up for a month, I’m only two weeks in!


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