Welcome! I’m so happy that you’re here. I love meeting new people. If you’re on this blog you probably fall into one or more of these categories.
You are a spiritual seeker of any faith
You are a growing woman/man of any age
You want to know how to live with joy and purpose no matter what life brings you
You are insanely curious about what I’ll write!

It sounds like you’re my kind of people!
I believe that a life well lived is one of constant growth and giving. Part of that is knowing that there’s beauty in the process; in all the ups and downs. What you’ll find here is a mash up of honest sharing and spiritual guidance, articles on marriage and child raising and the wacky or random post thrown in.
Although I candidly share my love for Judaism and the wisdom it teaches, you don’t need to be Jewish to relate. We all are children of the same G-d and we’re all in it to grow.
Having a large family means that I’m not a full time blogger. You can expect to hear from me a two times a week, sometimes less. But you can usually catch up with me on my Facebook page where I post a lot when I’m not here.
This is a shared space. As a Jewish educator, a mom and wife, I’m open to any topic – and trust me, I’ve gotten plenty of wild questions sent my way! Send me an email, or, if you’d like there’s a special mic on the sidebar where you can send me a voice message. I’d love to hear from you “in person.”
I want to know what’s on your mind. What are your struggles? What are you curious about? Sharing this dialogue opens worlds up and lets us remember that we are all one. Let’s talk about life, Judaism, spirituality, parenting, marriage or anything that’s on your mind. I’ll do my best to get back to you (after the kids are asleep!). Your questions or comments (while keeping your anonymity) may be posted in the Ask RM section.

A Little About Me
The first thing you should know is that there’s no “me”. There’s only we. (And my husband said “no thanks” to having a website named after him!)
I grew up with parents that extended kindness to thousands of people from all walks of life. I learned to love being Jewish and to look for opportunities to give.
Thank G-d, raising my kids gives me plenty of chances to do that – and they’re each a treasure. I would read any one of their blogs any day!
I’m a proud Jewish mother of 8 kids and a national educator and speaker. My blog is about authentically celebrating life in all it’s Divine colors.
Like Michael Hyatt says, My goal in everything I do is transformation
I want ppl to have some insight, some bit of information , something that moves them from where they are to a little further along in their journey. If I can be a part of that; if I can help them move forward in some way, then I’m really satisfied.
To get to know me, click here, then it’s my turn to get to know you! I’m looking forward love to hear your comments questions and ideas. .

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  1. Hi Rivka Malka,
    I was just wondering what time zone you’re doing the Art of Womanhood classes in, since I’m in Israel. I know you said they are recorded, but probably the in-class participation is a big advantage to being in the same “zone!”
    Thanks in advance!

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