Tying The Perfect Tichel Part 1

      Hey, I always thought my name was Rivka Malka. But a while back I caught on that to a whole bunch of people, I’m simply “The Tichel Lady.” I’ve been covering my head with tichels (headscarves) for about 15 years now and truthfully I’m just as crazy about them as I always […]

The Best Tichel Ever!

Its pretty ironic that Jessie and I met at a wedding. You see, awhile ago when I first started wearing tichels, I had my little guidelines. I used to say ” I love to wear tichels, but  for special occasions I wear a beautiful wig.” And that’s what I did. But I started to notice […]

Video: How to tie a Tichel – “Let’s start at the Very Beginning”

Tying the Classic – it’s pretty basic, but its good to be reminded about the basics! If you wear your tichel like this,you may want to try adding that second ribbon for decoration. I cannot tell you enough about the joy of color. I’ve resisted so far talking about the “Black Epidemic.” But I will […]

Video:WOW, are they beautiful!

    Every Wednesday night I get to spend 2 hours with 60 holy Jews. This post is for them. There’s Sara, whose father is keeping Shabbos and is finding out on her own that she likes it too. And there’s Matt who was surprised when week after week there was no bagels and lox […]

Video:Love – Up Close

What stood out for me most,in this magnificent video was the images of Mae Toi playing with her children, being with her children. It literally didn’t matter what she was doing, even swatting one of the kids hands away. She was with them. They saw her love. When I got married, I was really young. And I […]

(Don’t?) Talk to Strangers

  I was already checking out my groceries when I saw them. The conveyer belt was full but I asked the man behind the counter “please ring me up,” I have to go now. I was in  Baltimore’s  kosher supermarket so the religious man behind the counter was understanding. I walked over to where they […]

Why I Wear aTichel Instead of a Wig

I love the question behind the question. And this is one I get a lot. Why do I wear a tichel? This video will answer that for you. But now I want to ask another question. Don’t I think everyone should wear a tichel? And my answer is NO. Our goal is to serve G-d, […]

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