By Rivka Perlman

January 27, 2012

Video: How to tie a Tichel – “Let’s start at the Very Beginning”

Tying the Classic – it’s pretty basic, but its good to be reminded about the basics!

If you wear your tichel like this,you may want to try adding that second ribbon for decoration. I cannot tell you enough about the joy of color. I’ve resisted so far talking about the “Black Epidemic.” But I will say this. Hundreds of people have told me how much they enjoy seeing the color I wear. It brings simcha (joy)! It’s feminine! It’s beautiful! And when you look great, you’ll feel great.

The best part of this video was spending time with Rivki Silver. Aw, don’t feel left out. You can get to know her too, through her blog “Life in the Married Lane.” Its great!

There are only 2 more videos in the tichel series. After that we’veĀ  already begun a new video project that you are going to love!

***Note*** This style uses a triangle (folded square) tichel. The other videos use a rectangular scarf. After a while you’ll be able to mix and match the two. But for now its good to know that the triangle tichels are usually found in a Jewish/Israeli store or online and the other scarves can be bought in a department store.

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