By Rivka Perlman

February 23, 2012

Video:The Putti Tribe

In this video – The Putti People thanking Jewish Heart for Africa.


I have a FB friend who pays money to ask me for help. His name is Uri.

Each time he wants to communicate, he needs to leave his village, trek into town and pay money to use the computers there.

He lives in a place where hunger and hard work are part of the everyday vocabulary. The children wear torn clothes and have no shoes; for many, a kitchen is a handful of tin pots in the corner of a hut. Since they have no mezuzot, they mark their houses by carving menorahs on their doors.

Their bare synagogue has no furniture, save for a simple ark, a table serving as a bimah and just two chairs for the elderly.

They eat twice a day if they have enough food and once a day if they don’t.

But here’s the thing, in all the time I know Uri, I’ve never pitied him. Did you see the video? For all that they lack, Uri’s people have an irrespressible spirit.

Uri is a member of the Putti Tribe in Uganda, a tribe that practices halachic Judaism while awaiting conversion.They live as Jews and study Torah, keep Shabbos and Kosher, learn Hebrew and go to shul.

I can’t write enough about these people. Every article I read brings to light more and more of their greatness. Look them up! They barely have food and their main worry is not working on Shabbos. They could be asking for anything and all they’re asking is for Rabbis to come and teach them, for a school for their children and for some help with food.  All their writings are filled with earnestness and brotherhood and sacrifice.

And you got to think about it. What’s their secret? Look them up on youtube, and you’ll see video after video (taken by an American visitor) of the sweetest people on the planet. Wheres their joy from? Why aren’t they miserable?

I don’t know about you, but I woke up this morning miserable. Seriously. It’s a little crazy – I was in the coziest bed, in the warmest house with the greatest people and I woke up in a funk. Uh – why? (next post – how I got over it!)

I’m sure somewhere in Putti-land people someone wakes up funky, but overall, the light that they have is completely from a different world.

My kids have a book, and I’ll quote the first page here:

“The Jews in earlier times never had theaters or novels or exotic vacations to enjoy. They didn’t need them because they enjoyed life. to them, each day was full of pleasure and happiness.

They enjoyed everything G_d gave them…

They enjoyed the Torah;

they enjoyed the mitzvos;

they enjoyed the sun;

they enjoyed their parents;

they enjoyed the trees;

they enjoyed their children;

they enjoyed their friends;

they enjoyed the air;

they enjoyed their food;

they enjoyed their hands;

they enjoyed the day…..

and more and more. As I go down the list I feel myself exhaling…. Ah – the amount of possiblities we have sometimes clogs our basic ability to enjoy life. Thank G_d for Shabbos!

When I see the Putti tribe. I think, they’re so lovable – they’re hungry and they need our help but they have a purity that comes from simplicity.


I asked Uri to write to us so we could hear about this village in his own words. We have so much going on here, but every little bit counts. Earlier in the year I sent them a package of books on kosher and the holidays and I can’t tell you how good it felt to go from ” sigh”, to actually doing my part. Here’s Uri:

PS. He wrote this with considerable sacrifice, paying for every minute with money that could go to feed his children.

Shalom  members.
This is to bring to your notice  to be familiar to  a group known as  A bayudaya . So who are ABAYUDAYA ?  Abayudaya is a plural form of the word jew .Therefore  Abayudaya  means  jews in the Bantu laguages  in Uganda.
Since 1928 Judaism has existed with a lot of many resistance as per Ugandan environment  up to date.
To mention but a few  these include.
A, Isolation.  Socially, and internationally  many people have not been knowing them. In Uganda most of our children have been intimidated as killers of Jesus,
B,The Abayudaya in 1970  they were persecuted by one of the Ugandan leaders  known as Amin  Dada  who did not want to hear about   an Israelite , he abolished saturday prayers , minor religions , mainly targeting Judaism in Uganda. Most of our lands were taken and we weren’t allowed to use our synagogues.
C< On the side of  education  we register  the highest number of illiterates compared to other sects in Uganda   ie other sects have  many secondary schools  universities and many primary founded schools which has eased the interests and entrace of their learners to high levels
D ,Poverty  is  also one of the  biting factor of the Abayudaya , due to to factor that  our lands   were grabbed , so extensive farming is just  a myth . Hence causing a lot food shortages. Less education also contributes to  us not to compete to jobs favourbly as we have  no  skills to offer  which are needed.
Thanks to Hashem  the Abayudaya of putti  village  just late in 2007  it is when they started having some  hope through the organisation of  PVAO which started funding  their projects and  also Jewish Heart for Africa but also with difficulties  we hope many jewish organizations  can put in hands to help our  chalenges   mainly
 funding fees for our children,
 bulding for us  a school
 coming up with  a fund programm to buy land in order to  expand agriculture  programms
open up health center
  let there be  a pen papal programes  for example sending us  some  laptops to ease communication.
 For further information you can visit
Uri katula william
 chairperson Putti village jewish organization – take a look at this video of Jewish Heart for Africa

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