By Rivka Perlman

March 14, 2012

Video;You Pray, I Pray, We all Pray Together!

The whole world is in turmoil

On our own,

we may not be much

Like one leg of a centipede, hobbling along

Without the others,

it can’t go far-

or anywhere

On our own, we’re like

a worn rubber wheel

rolling down the road

wobbling crazily then dropping


unattached to the car that

would harness its power

But together?

Together we’re a MACHINE!

We’re art, we’re music

we’re kindness, we’re love

we’re gardens and families

and everything else that

grows magnificence from a blend of

otherwise simple things

Alone, our prayers are a voice in the wind

Together, our prayers are a shout!

An incredible rumble!

An earth-quaking, heart- breaking, angel- shaking


A sound even the Heavens can’t resist

It’s the thunder of decrees being torn up

the ripping, shredding, gleeful ridding

of all that hurts

Make way for the Song of Gratitude

we’ll sing… together!


How amazing would it be if each time we came to this site, we took a minute to to say Tehillim? That’s thousands of tefillos. If we’d been doing it until now we’d have had  14,500 tefillos!

The link below will be on the front page of the site  – visit it often! Share it with your friends!

Let’s rock the Heavens!

Take one minute – grab eternity!

Say Tehillim (Psalms) along with me – Women only please





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