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  • Video – How to Tie a Tichel! The Tunisian Tie! Part 1

    Video – How to Tie a Tichel! The Tunisian Tie! Part 1

          Hey, I always thought my name was Rivka Malka. But a while back I caught on that to a whole bunch of people, I’m simply “The Tichel Lady.” I’ve been covering my head with tichels (headscarves) for about 15 years now and truthfully I’m just as crazy about them as I always was. This is a great hint for my birthday present – ahem! Being a proud Jewish woman I feel joyful, strong, happy and grateful. The […]

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  • Video – Insane! Part 2 “Holy Feminine Energy”

    Video – Insane! Part 2 “Holy Feminine Energy”

    Can wearing a tichel improve your relationship? Jessie shares her experience with covering her hair.

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  • (Don’t?) Talk to Strangers

    (Don’t?) Talk to Strangers

      I was already checking out my groceries when I saw them. The conveyer belt was full but I asked the man behind the counter “please ring me up,” I have to go now. I was in  Baltimore’s  kosher supermarket so the religious man behind the counter was understanding. I walked over to where they were. I was intrigued. Jeans, a super large piercing and a cool tattoo, standing in front of the Chanuka candles. I love meeting people and […]

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  • The Heartbeat of a Mezuza

    The Heartbeat of a Mezuza

        My friend Rachel Zamoiski fell in love with a Mezuza case 2 years ago in Israel. She bought it then, and its been sitting in her house since. This year for her father’s yartzheit, Rachel decided to take on a Mitzvah in his merit. So we went to the Jewish book store and bought a scroll to put inside so that she  could hang up a mezuza. she sent me a picture of her mezuza proudly hanging on […]

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  • Video – The Kosher Warriors!

    Video – The Kosher Warriors!

    Do you know Israel/ Jerome Bethea? He’s the insanely talented person who created this site  for me! (Appluase, cheers, throw money!) And who’s  behind such an awesome person? His wife. The beazutiful, lovable, Rena/ Summer Bethea (more applause – trust me!) Now, its 1 am and I have Shabbos cooking to do, but another time I really have to tell you the story of how we met Summer and Jerome. How both of them were Christian but met at a […]

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  • Wanted: Passionate Elephants!! – video

    Wanted: Passionate Elephants!! – video

    Wow! This is a great story! Horton is chased to the ends of the earth, shamed, exhausted and beaten – and he does it all for the little speck – of – dust- city on the clover. Now that’s an elephant with passion! But noone gets it. He looks so strange Nothing he says can make them understand. He is utterly alone in his mission. We could write a book on society based on this story but for today, let’s […]

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  • 1,000’s of People Didn’t Wake up Today!

    1,000’s of People Didn’t Wake up Today!

    I learned a while ago about hisbodidus, spending time in personal prayer with G-d. And for the longest time I would take a daily meditative walk. I walked every day. I can’t stand the snow, and I can’t stand the cold but the winter was the best. I would spend the first half of the walk marveling that I was even out there! ” Thank You G-d!” I don’t know the first time I skipped a day, but you know […]

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  • Only One You

    Only One You

          A few months ago, I was sitting on the couch with my older sister, Chana Ita, and she says “Rif, you’re here” and she gestures with her hands, kind of belly level. “But you could be here” and she gestures about a foot higher. What the heck did she mean? I felt a brewing of panic and excitement. I think my mouth actually became dry. I wanted to hear more and I was scared to hear more. […]

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