By Rivka Perlman

September 11, 2012

Cheshbon Hanefesh

How much of what we do

is tied up in what we’ve done?

how much of who we are

is a mad, mad push to maintain                

the “I”,  I said I am

And who am I?

Can I be so narrow –

frozen like the ice blocks

that built the igloo?

Can I be so sure

that this little world of sureity

I’ve created is so sure, so secure – that important?

“We were born to learn”

said my friend who came to learn

And a cup that is filled has no  room for more

I’d rather be like the earth than the ice

Like the earth who collects

what its given –

and brings forth something new each time.

We plant seeds, she gives back a garden

Adam – Adama – Earth

To let land sit fallow is to let it be over run

I am not frozen in time

a pile of rocks; the sum of my life, to sit there for eternity

I’m not indestructable

I’m the Earth; a wide expanse of potential

I can be roses one day and palm trees the next. 

I can plant change and reap growth.

Destroy me,

go ahead,

dig into me with shovels and spades

for a new year is coming

and I have more to give

Pull up the weeds

yank hard and get dirty

Make way for the New Year!

Make Space for the New Year!










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