By Rivka Perlman

September 10, 2012

A Tichel Pin, A Girl With Strep and Walking Fearlessly Through Life



(Actual FB message from Andrea)

We just stopped by and brought her some stuff that will hopefully make the sickness a bit easier.¬† The rash she has looks like something that is common for Israeli children… the english word is german measles… but I’m not sure if that’s what she actually has.¬† My husband is under the impression that it’s fairly common here in Israel (like chicken pox) and she just needs antibiotics which hopefully the doctor will give her tomorrow.¬† However, if it’s an allergic reaction to the strep medication they have given her, hopefully she can get that taken care of as well. But she looks good, smiling (she’s so beautiful and looks so much like you!), and on her feet.¬† I’m glad I got to meet her, even though the circumstances weren’t ideal.¬† I told her to give me a call if anything gets worse and to let me know what the doctor says tomorrow. Kol tuv ‚ô•heart


Our world is colored by the lenses we wear. On Rosh¬†Hashana¬†we pray that the fear and dread of G-d be upon all his creations.” It sounds pretty intense, maybe even unrelatable, until you realize that the things we fear are the basis for our decisions.

An inner city kid may fear losing status and acceptance¬†and so he’ll steal, even though he doesn’t want to. Another guy wants to steal and has no compunction about it, but he doesn’t because he fears getting caught.

One woman is overprotective because she fears her children’s safety, the other is permissive because she fears if her children don’t experience their mistakes, they won’t learn.

One guy dates many women because he fears he may miss out on the best one, another guy is choosy because he fears he’ll be wasting his time with bland dates.

To pray on Rosh¬†Hashana, that we’re filled with the fear of Heaven is to ask for a new pair of glasses. A pair of glasses that lets us see things clearly. Why¬†hide from shadows when there’s real danger around another corner?

Our WOW! friend Chad is someone who knows what to be scared of. When he learned that the Torah is scrupulous about not eating bugs, he began ordering his salads without broccoli¬† and other vegis’ that have insects hiding in them. (In kosher restaurants, they wash them¬† with pressure and check them.) Then he learned, that lettuce too, if not checked, most likely also has little bugs on it.

So he was describing to us the scene with his co workers. he used to look a little strange because he only ordered salad – in a non kosher restaurant. Then he started to say, “I’ll have a salad without the broccoli¬†etc.” They thought he was a little weird. But then came the day when he said, I’ll¬†have a salad without the lettuce.” Hu? Crazy guy!!

But he wasn’t scared, not of looking dumb and not of being embarrassed. he was only scared of not doing the right thing.

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