2 Types of Music

  There are two types of music. Those that awaken your body and those that awaken your soul. Lazer Brody’s Cd Calming Waters is definitely the second type. From the title you may think its simple spa music or soothing sounds, but don’t let that fool you. Calming Waters is a collection of prayers that […]

Can G-d Grow Bread On Trees?

[Lech Lecha  are the words that were told to Abraham. “Lech lecha, go to yourself” when G-d sent him on a journey into the unknown. We read it not only as go to yourself, but, despite the hardship, go for yourself, for your own benefit.] It’s been a long time since I sat down to […]

We’re in Good Hands!

    I wrote this sometime last year. It’s amazing and astonishing to see how different our life looks now. We truly are on the next chapter. Nothing is too hard for G-d! Interestingly enough, I submitted this to two publications and both (who have published my writing before) turned it down. That was funny […]

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